Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Drama in Life and on TV

We've been having a busy time and it hasn't quite stopped yet. In between enjoying the conference and wedding, daughter has been moving into her new house. As she was staying with us since before Christmas, with her accumulated possessions, you can imagine the removal plus back and forward trips between the houses!

It was a pleasure to be able to accommodate Victoria while she bought her new abode and although we all need our own space again, I'll miss her company in lots of ways. So will husband, although he's glad to get the bathroom back to normal. The new house needed some cosmetic hard work but it was worth it to see a happy home taking shape. And now we're getting our house rearranged again, especially before our wee granddaughter arrives for a 2-night stay. Always a pleasure, and I'm looking forward to seeing her and my son and daughter-in-law. No doubt I'll be shattered by her energy!

The last couple of evenings, we've been enjoying catching up on the final episodes of The Night Manager. What a brilliant drama. Not only for the James-Bond like thriller, the characterisation and acting, but we loved the locations, music and opening graphics. I was on the edge of my seat during the last episode, not least because the very pregnant Olivia Coleman character was in danger too. The above photo is Istanbul which I took from the ship we were on - it was one of the locations used in the drama.

Now, I'm hoping to catch up on Indian Summers. I enjoyed the first series and have always been interested in India, though it's one place I've never been. Not so keen on the Colonialism but it's part of the period. I also like Grantchester for the period, mystery element and the two main characters as portrayed by James Norton and Robson Green. One drama we loved was the new Maigret last week with Rowan Atkinson in his first straight role (as opposed to being the funny man). We expected to find it difficult to take him seriously but were pleasantly surprised, so hoping they make some more. Here's my photo of one area of Maigret's Paris.

And where is the writing in all this, do I hear you ask? I am actually working on finishing a couple of things, as well as the short story adjudication I'm doing and helping a friend put together a collection of articles. Maybe next week, I'll get back into a proper routine again but I won't hold my breath!



Teresa Ashby said...

You've been busy, Rosemary. I'm so glad all went well with your daughter's house move.

We've been enjoying the Night Manager too - just the last episode to watch now. Indian Summers I absolutely love - and Grantchester (only discovered that recently so still watching the first series). And we've recorded Maigret so still have that to look forward to.

Very glad to hear you're busy with writing too.

Hope you have a lovely time with your lovely little granddaughter :-) xx

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Hi Teresa - glad you're enjoying those programmes too! Thanks for commenting - hope all well with you.

Nicola said...

So happy for Victoria. She must be so excited to begin a new chapter in her life. Wishing you all a stress free move and more writing time :) Enjoy your granddaughter! When Alice was little she used to love her weekends with Grandma and even now at 24 she loves going to her Grandma's. Like you, my mom is still young and healthy and full of life and they still get up to all sorts :)

Julia Thorley said...

I'm surprised you're getting any writing done, with everything else that's going on. I have a boomerang son back at home at the moment. It's lovely having him here, of course, but it would be nice to get to my piano, which is currently tucked away behind his paraphernalia. On the matter of TV drama, I tuned into The Durrells and Marcella this week, which both made promising starts.

Patsy said...

We can't write all the time. Taking a break to enjoy life is at least as important as adding to the word count.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks for the comments, Patsy, Julia and Nicola - I thought I'd replied but it obviously went walk-about!

Rae Cowie said...

My Rosemary, you certainly manage to pack a lot in! Glad all went well with Victoria's move. I've heard so many great things about The Night Manager - recorded the series, might begin watching tonight. :-)

Anonymous said...

What a hectic time you've had recently, Rosemary. Sometimes, life is more important than finding writing time, and I'm sure it's all going in there, to write about at a later date. The series' you mention sound great, but haven't watched any of them yet. Will get round to it as they all sound brilliant. Wishing happiness to Victoria in her new home, and have fun with the little one when she arrives.

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