Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Year, New Blog!

It's good to have a new challenge for a new year and this is one of mine. A new blog about reading and writing, my twin passions.

It seems to be generally accepted that to be a writer, it first helps to be a reader. I'd say it's almost compulsory. How can we write and try to be published without reading what's already out there, whether it's novels or magazine stories and articles?

So this is where I'm aiming to talk about books and freelance writing, whenever I get the urge. I love keeping up to date with market opportunities, so I'll include information when possible, or links to interesting sites.

The photo above is some of the old Agatha Christie books I have in my study - she was the first crime writer whose books I devoured one after the other as soon as I was able to use the adult section of the library. Still one of my favourites!

Happy reading and writing in 2010!


Bill Kirton said...

Welcome to the bit of the blogosphere dedicated to writing Rosemary. One of the things that surprised me (maybe I'm naive) is just how many writers there are out there. be careful, though, it's addictive.

Janice said...

Great idea for an interesting blog, Rosemary. Right up my street anyway! I'll be back. Oh, and I love old books, and do so admire your AC pile up. love, Janice

christina gibbs said...

After reading the email you forwarded yesterday Rosemary, I've been digesting the blogs you posted. You're an inspiration - you glean so much info for Erskine Writers with your market research - as it that isn't enough you're giving us new ideas through blogging. Well done, best wishes from Chris Gibbs

Rosemary said...

Thanks, Chris - that's kind of you. I enjoy it!

Chris Longmuir said...

I too devoured Agatha Christie books as soon as I had my adult library card. I am also the proud possessor of a full set of hard bound books, the Agatha Christie crime Collection, published by Hamlyn about 1970. It was a subscription thing, you got a book a month. I think the collection is incomplete though because there was at least one Agatha Christie book published later.

Rosemary said...

She was a classic, wasn't she, Chris? Sounds a lovely collection you have.