Sunday, 21 March 2010

Writing Magazines - Writers' News/Writing Magazine

Two of the most respected writing magazines which have been around for many years, Writers’ News and Writing Magazine are invaluable resources for freelance writers. I’ve been a subscriber for more years than I can remember and I wouldn’t want to be without them each month. Writers’ News is available by subscription only and offers page after page of up-to-date market news, competition details and anything else that might be of interest to working freelancers.

An added incentive is the monthly ‘subscribers only’ short story and poetry competitions. I was delighted to find out that I’ve won second prize in a recent competition. The story will be published on their website in the next month or so. Even if you don’t enter the competitions (I only do so occasionally), you get a theme which could trigger off an idea.

The other advantage of having the magazine sent to your door each month is that Writing Magazine is included for subscribers.

Writing Magazine is available to buy in the shops. It focuses more on articles that are helpful to writers of all abilities. Several well known writers have a regular monthly column and there are always interesting ‘one-off’ articles. Judith Spellman conducts an in-depth monthly interview with a well known author, allowing us insight into how other writers work, or how they got started. Again, there is a monthly short story competition and usually a poetry competition. Several years ago, I won the prestigious Annual Love Story Competition, and that did wonders for my confidence as a writer.

Full details of both magazines are available from the Writers’ News website.

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