Sunday, 22 August 2010

Romance is not Dead

Of course it's not, at least not in the world of books. Romantic novels are still one of the most popular genres of fiction - from the classic Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte stories to the most ultra-modern Mills and Boon.

So for all those budding romance writers out there, Mills and Boon are running a competition to find a new romantic novelist (thanks for the link, Michael). It's called New Voices, as they are wanting to find a brilliant unpublished novelist.

You don't have long to get started. The contest runs between 6th September and 30th October and there are various stages of submission and judging which are outlined in their website.

Full details from Mills and Boon.

Good luck,


Bill Kirton said...

I remember sending them some chapters and a synopsis years ago. They were very kind with their comments but it was clear that they thought I was a rubbish writer. But then, I'm a man, what would I know about romance?

Amber Hunter said...

How brilliant! I was telling my husband just this morning that I wanted to try my hand at a romantic novel. Thank you so much, Ro!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Bill - I can't believe anyone ever thought you a rubbish writer. As for romance... some (all?) of the best romantic poets were men.

You're welcome, Amber. The best of luck with it.