Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Prima Magazine

I'm in this month's Prima Magazine (November)! So I thought I would share all the opportunities available in this friendly publication.

Prima is a lovely monthly magazine that's not quite as expensive as some of the other glossies. It's very down to earth and packed with some great features and practical recipes. There's a real family feel to the publication, with lots of reader participation.

Here are a few opportunities worth checking out in the magazine:

Readers' Tips appear in a variety of sections and earn the sender £25. There is often a dedicated page of tips on a particular subject - in the November issue it's Top Beauty Tips.

Home Life page where readers can share ideas, tips and recommendations.

Readers' Kitchen page for sharing recipes and tips.

Letters Page - also a monthly reader's poem.

The other great section is called Prima Extra. In addition to lots of puzzles and prizes, they offer £25 for photographs, plus the following sections.

Extra Wise Words - £25 for words of wisdom.

Short Stories of around 400 words, which seem to be creative real-life stories. The winner receives £200 and several runners-up receive a year's subscription to Prima.

I'm lucky enough to be a runner-up in the November issue of Prima which is out now - really looking forward to my year's subscription.

Definitely a great value magazine.


Joanna said...

Congratulations, Rosemary! I shall try Prima. Many thanks for the information.

joanne fox said...

Thank you for highlighting these opportunities Rosemary and well done on the win! I do like Prima, although I don't remember ever submitting anything there.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

You're very welcome, ladies! Hope you have some success with it.

christina gibbs said...

Thanks for remindng me about Prima Rosemary. I took it years ago and had a couple of letters in it.

My daughter knitted a 'captain hook' jacket from their lovely pattern - I sent Prima a pic of my grandson wearing it as he gazed out to the river Clyde.

Congrats on your win - I'll be buying the Nov one for sure.

Christina Gibbs

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks, Chris! It's a very reader-friendly mag.

francesca.nield@ntlworld.com said...

Hi Rosemary, I too am a runner-up in the same issue, with my story 'An Echo of Distant Footsteps'. It's a great feeling isn't it to see your words in print. Good luck with all your other writing and check me out on the LinkedIn networking site if you you want further information on my work. All best wishes, Francesca Nield

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Hi Francesca - thanks for dropping by! Loved your piece and said to my daughter that you were obviously a writer (she liked it too). I'm not on Linkedin but will look out for your name online.


Lauren said...

Hi Rosemary,

Congratulations on your success!

I was wondering, is there is any way to find out what the topic for the next issue is? I've looked through the mag and I can't find out what January's topic is (the December issue arrived very early!); can you write about anything?

Thanks, Lauren

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Hi Lauren - just noticed your message, thanks.

Yes, you can write about anything for this 'short story' section, although it tends to be a creative 'real-life' piece.

They also take tips on different subjects. For the 'extra wise words' section, they usually have a theme each month. They mention at the bottom of that page what they want next.

Good luck!

Francesca Nield said...

Thanks for your kind words, Rosemary. I love writing, but have spent my professional life working as a copy-editor and proofreader. I have only recently started to write seriously, so your comments mean a lot to me! All best wishes, Francesca