Saturday, 16 July 2011

Time Out

I've decided to take some time out from blogging and so on over the next two weeks. Apart from the fact we're doing some overdue clearing out at home, I need to overhaul my writing and think about which direction it's going in next. I have far too many projects or half-finished typescripts on the go, not to mention the vast number of forums/blogs/twitter/facebook and two publishers' sites I'm on or take part in. And the writing is getting lost along the way, especially since I'm easily diverted.

I also want to revamp my two blogs and create a new one for children's/tween fiction in preparation for the lead-up to publication of 'Summer of the Eagles' next March. So I won't be posting on this blog again until the end of the month/beginning of August - if I can stay away - and it should look a little different when I restart!

A few improvements I'm hoping to make include:
  • a regular Author Spotlight
  • favourite books/reviews
  • markets/competitions
  • news/personal
The timescale of each has to be worked out, but I think it will give a better focus to the blog and will hopefully be more interesting to readers. A huge thank you to all who already follow my blog - it helps me to know I'm not talking to the ether!

Hope you are all having a good summer. See you in a couple of weeks.


Frances Garrood said...

Have fun, Rosemary, and please continue to visit us!

myraduffy said...

I know the feeling,Rosemary and I don't have half as many commitments as you do at the moment!

joanne fox said...

We'll miss hearing from you Rosemary, but I am having exactly the same problem myself, trying to prioritise my writing in the relatively small amount of free time I have. Hope you make good progress on all your projects, and look forward to your August news. x

Elizabeth McKay said...

Ther must be something in the air, Rosemary as I'm having a major clear-out too and I've just ordered a new cupboard and a new shredder. My children's book's being launched in September and for some reason I feel the need to have everything spick and span before that!

Janice Horton said...

Hi Rosemary - I've just had a week off work just to write and it's been fabulous. I did do my blog update as usual yesterday, and the odd few tweets, but otherwise I've had a wonderful writer's retreat in my house and am so happy with the progress I've made on my next novel. I wish you well with your rethink and revamp and I will look forward to your next blog post.
Janice x

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Frances - I'm sure I won't be able to stay away from everyone else's blogs!

Myra - good luck with your own organisation!

Thank you for that, Joanne - I don't think I could last out for longer than a couple of weeks!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Betty - I can understand how you feel. There is something liberating about getting mentally prepared through organising our work space! Not too long until your publication now.

Thank you, Janice - sounds like you had a very productive week. We all need to recharge sometimes and I feel it's been a roller coaster of a year!

Carolb said...

I'm looking forward to the revamps on both your blogs Rosemary.
You've had a busy year so far with the books and the networking so it's not surprising you need to catch your breath and look at everything anew.
Hope it goes well.

Joanna said...

I completely understand how you feel, Rosemary. I am struggling to fit everything in this summer. And now I have a daughter's wedding to arrange for next summer! It's a wonderful family time at the moment with all three daughters enjoying life and in good health, which is a very different picture from this time last year. Writing projects are on the back-burner for a few more weeks until the September term starts, but for the very best of reasons - real life is so good that it is claiming the lion's share of my time and attention.
However I am up early on a Sunday specifically so that I can continue with a short story for WW that I have been trying to write all this week in between the wedding planning!
I'm looking forward to your blog returning and hearing all your news. Have a fantastic few weeks and I'm sure you will achieve all you're hoping to do. Very best of luck with everything. We'll all miss you!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks for that Carol - it's been great but just a bit overwhelming at times!

Morning Joanna - I'm so pleased to hear that life is going so well for you and your family at the moment. How lovely that you can look forward to a wedding next year! I do appreciate your support (and everyone else's) on the blog. You won't be able to keep me away for too long! All the best with your writing, in between the excitement.

Talli Roland said...

Have a good break, Rosemary!

Diane Fordham said...

Happy 'Time Out' Rosemary. Looking forward to checking out the revamps, best of luck with that. x