Thursday, 5 April 2012

Talking About Books

Since I'm patiently waiting for Summer of the Eagles to be available on Amazon before having an official online launch, I'm having a short gap from the regular Author Spotlight. So for the Easter break, I'm posting a reminder of some of the lovely romantic ebooks I've read over the past few months, and there have been many more! I've linked them straight to Amazon as you'll get the blurb and reviews for each of them there. First, two little mentions of my own.

Tomorrow, Friday 6th May, I'm being interviewed about Summer of the Eagles on Penny Ehrenkranz's blog.

My little Kindle experiment, a collection of eight of my previously published stories, Reshaping the Past, is now on Amazon at only 97 pence.

Some recommended ebooks

His Leading Lady by Paula Martin 

Domingo’s Angel by Jenny Twist

Watching Willow Watts by Talli Rowland

The Snow Bride by Lindsay Townsend

Dancing with Fate by Hywela Lyn

Reaching for the Stars by Janice Horton

Happy reading!


Patsy said...

I've not had enough reading time lately but I'll be on holiday soon so hope to catch up a bit.

Joanna said...

Thank you, Rosemary. I'm hoping to read a lot over Easter, with one daughter away, one wrapped up with a new boyfriend and the youngest as avid a reader as I am. And husband cherishes reading time too, especially on his Kindle. You've given me some lovely suggestions here.

Paula Martin said...

Many thanks for the recommendation, Rosemary :-)

Janice Horton said...

Thank you for recommending my latest ebook 'Reaching for the Stars' Rosemary!

I'm feeling rather over excited and thrilled this morning as I just discovered 'Reaching for the Stars' is #2 on Amazon's Women's Fiction Chart. It's second to Sophie Kinsellar's new one - and I think it might be quite hard to topple Sophie for the #1 spot - lol!

Janice xx

Rosemary Gemmell said...

I know what it's like, Patsy! I still have far too many to read and I keep adding more.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Good to know you'll have time to read over Easter, Joanna! I'm sure you'll have many others on your list.

You're welcome, Paula!

That's fantastic, Janice - glad I mentioned your book!

Talli Roland said...

Oh, thank you! How kind of you to mention my book. I really appreciate it!

Have a great long weekend.

Diane Fordham said...

Have a happy and safe Easter Rosemary. I look forward to reading that interview x

Rosemary Gemmell said...

You're welcome, Talli - I enjoyed your book!

Thanks for all your support, Diane. Have a happy Easter!