Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Catching Up!

I'm back! I wasn't away for long, but husband and I both felt it seemed much longer as we do so much in the time. Just the break away from the computer was a mental rest for me, allowing me to think about writing projects. But we didn't stay indoors that much, preferring to walk and explore. We spent a great few hours in South Queensferry and I've writen a bit about that on my Romancing History blog (with a few photos).

We also found a little bookshop that enticed me in so I could search for history or factual books. We were astonished to find all the books were FREE! The lovely man who runs it allows customers to take up to six books away, and we may leave a donation in a little box only if we wish. What a great idea - and we both found an interesting book (and yes, I did leave a donation).

One of our other favourite places is historic Dunfermline. We normally stay at a lovely old retreat of a hotel about three miles out of the town. We then drive a few miles to the car park at entrance to the wonderful Pittencrief Park. A leisurely walk through its paths and glens takes us right to Dunfemline Abbey at the centre of the historic town. The Abbey itself is very interesting but my absolute favourite place is the very old but beautifully preserved Abbot's House. I've written a little about it here in the past if you want to read more.

Meanwhile, I'm going to see King Lear in Glasgow with a friend this evening and tomorrow I'm taking another friend out for her birthday lunch, then visiting another theatre with three friends on Friday evening. Just as well I had that break, even if husband did walk me off my feet!

Over on my Flights of Imagination blog, I've posted an interview with American Young Adult author, Jo Ramsay.



Diane Fordham said...

Welcome back Rosemary :-) Lovely pics. Ohhh I like the look of that book shop.

Joanna said...

What a lovely break, Rosemary, and beautiful pictures too. I love the little free bookshop. Dunfermline Abbey and Pittencrief are places I last went to when I was ten, but still treasure the memories.
Enjoy your busy and exciting week!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Hi Diane - the bookshop looks so cute and enticing, doesn't it!

Thanks, Joanna - glad you've seen Dunfermline. I love the fact it's so full of history.

Anita Chapman said...

Hi Rosemary, it sounds as though you had a relaxing break-what a lovely bookshop!