Monday, 28 May 2012

Picnics, Photos and Pinterest

We had a lovely day out at the weekend with our daughter - a picnic to one of my favourite hidden places, Inchmahome Priory. With historical connections back to the 1200s, and a visit from Mary Queen of Scots in the 16th century, the island on which the ruined priory stands is a peaceful little haven from everyday life. Although busier with families on these hot summer days, once setting foot on the daisy-carpeted island the calmness descends and the children's voices become lost in the sound of birdsong.

I always feel the strange peace beginning on the very short journey across to the island, on the little boat that takes only 12 passengers, and a sense of leaving real life behind. It's a place that needs to be experienced to appreciate its atmosphere. For a writer of fact and fiction, it's a haven for creativity. Apart from the ruins, the unusual tree formations, wild flowers, hidden paths and surrounding water offer much scope for imagination. One little girl was looking for fairies, and I've already started a fairy story!

The only intact part of the priory is the small Chapter House, and I was lucky enough to sit within its coolness quite alone - apart from the stone effigies lying beneath the window in eternal rest. It wasn't difficult to imagine the Augustinian canons sitting around the room discussing the business of the day. I'm posting only a few of the many photos I took, just to give a flavour of the place.

I don't know if anyone has looked at the next new social media 'time waster' - Pinterest. Quite a lot of the authors from one of my publishers have been joining up, so I jumped in and created a few boards. This is a completely visual idea, where we can create as many boards as we like for different subjects onto which we 'pin' pictures. I'm not even going to try and explain it yet as I'm still learning and I want to read the copyright clause! One of these days, we'll have online overload.



Joanna said...

Two of my daughters love Pinterest, Rosemary, and are quite addicted to it. I think it looks lovely and I would join if I had more time.

Your day out looks blissful, absolutely perfect. I spent the whole of Sunday laying a new floor in a very hot bedroom, so I could have benefited hugely from the cool and peaceful chapel!

Melanie said...

I spent my Sunday working on an edit and attending my writers' group meeting.

Your day looks perfect. Can't wait until I get back to Scotland so I can visit some of the places I've not yet seen. Inchmahome Priory will be a stop on an upcoming trip for sure.

Erin O'Quinn said...

I love those photos, especially the warped wood in the water and the chapel windows. I imagine lots of those photos may some day end in an image or scene in one of your stories or novels.

I have a note to look into Pinterest...when I have time! How often do we say that, and that time never arrives?

Enjoyed this blog...take care,

Jean Bull said...

What a beautiful, peaceful place. I'm looking forward to that fairy story!

joanne fox said...

Your photos look so serene. I'd love to be somewhere like that just now.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Oh, you definitely need that day out in the coolness, Joanna!

Hope you manage that trip, Melanie - it's an inspiring place!

Thanks, Erin - the water round the island was full of interesting bits of tree etc. And yes, I think I shall probably use everything one story or another!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

This is the second place that has inspired me to write a fairy story, Jean, and I reckon the result (if I ever get around to it) will be an amalgamation of both!

Thanks Joanne - it's such an unusually peaceful place, even with lots of families on the little island!

Teresa Ashby said...

What a beautiful place. It looks so peaceful and that picture taken inside the chapter house has a really spiritual feel about it. Gorgeous photos x

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thank you, Teresa - I'm still thinking about the island two days later!

Katbalou said...

Great pics Rosemary. Lovely day out:-)

Jude Johnson said...

What a beautiful place! I can just see you jotting notes and absorbing the that green stuff grass? ;-) I've forgotten what it looks like.

Pinterest sounds like something fun. I haven't looked at it yet but just might.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thank you, Karen!

Hi Jude - thanks for visiting. I forgot you live in a somewhat drier area of the world!

Vikki said...

Loved it!