Saturday, 1 September 2012

A Blogging Saturday

I might be neglecting my Romancing History and Flights of Imagination blogs a little, but today I have blog posts on two very different sites!

It's my monthly turn to write on The Writers Vineyard - a blog written by a variety of authors published by Champagne Books. I decided to write about Broadening the Mind while travelling on the recent Mediterranean cruise.

The other post was an unexpected invitation. Recently, I had a little meditation accepted for The Upper Room devotional booklet that is translated and sent all over the world. It was a great privilege to see my meditation in print, but I was then asked if I had photos of the River Clyde at low and high tide (this is to do with the subject of the piece). I duly took the photos and they are now on their website.

Then I was invited to write a blog post for their site today as my meditation is online for September 1st. So, of course, I was pleased to do so and the end result is that all my contributions are online today! I've just gone on to the upper room site as I was told lots of people comment online - and they do! How lovely that one humble little meditation is reaching so many readers around the world.

Now to get on with finishing the next novel that's almost at redrafting stage! Have a good weekend.



Joanna said...

Thank you, Rosemary. I shall pop across and have a look. Well done for reaching the redrafting stage of your novel, good luck with the rest and have a great weekend. x

Paula Martin said...

Wonderful story on the Upper Room site, Rosemary. and so true - we don't know who reads our work or what effect it may have on others.
Enjoyed your post at the Writers Vineyard too. I think all nations probably have their share of friendly and rude people, but I know which country's people annoyed my daughter the most when she worked at Disneyland Paris (maybe the couple who pushed past you came from that same country!)

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks for commenting, Joanna - have a productive weekend!

Many thanks for that, Paula - I expect it was the same country!