Sunday, 30 September 2012

Fabulous Phantom and Christmas in October

My lovely daughter treated me to an early birthday present yesterday with tickets for us both to Phantom of the Opera in Edinburgh. I loved the music for this long before the first stage production and I’ve seen the original and updated DVD versions, but only managed to catch one stage show way back when it first came to Edinburgh, so I was very excited. We even took time to enjoy a delicious Italian meal before catching the matinĂ©e performance.
I was not disappointed with the show! They’ve updated the stage production, following the 25th anniversary, and it was as dramatic, passionate and romantic as ever. This is my favourite stage musical for all those reasons – give me escapism every time. Apart from the wonderfully dramatic scene (and title song) where the phantom first takes Christine to the labyrinth, my other favourite musical number is Past the Point of No Return near the end which was beautifully performed by the two main characters. I still felt the same emotional response towards the poor monstrous phantom. And I can’t get those great tunes out of my head today! A memorable day out.

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Mary Smith said...

I love Phantom of the Opera, Roesmary, but haven't been lucky enough to see it on stage. It sounds like it was absolutely wonderful.
Am delighted I have managed to sign up so I receive emails whenever you post something new. I 'joined' your blog ages ago but never received notificatons until DH pointed out I hadn't signed up for email reminders. Doh!

joanne fox said...

Phantom is coming to Birmingham next spring. I was thinking about booking - but going to the theatre is so expensive these days! Maybe I'll look into it again, after reading how much you enjoyed it.

Patsy said...

Oooh, free books! I'll have to keep an eye on that.

Joanna said...

That sounds wonderful, Rosemary. I'd love to see Phantom. My eldest daughter has seen it twice and loved it. My favourite musical on stage is Blood Brothers, but Phantom has always been on my list.
Thank you very much for the link. I'll go and have a look right now! It sounds fantastic!

Jean Bull said...

I love the Phantom too, and have been to see it 3 times over the years, However, I've always wished that I'd seen Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman. That would have been fabulous!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks for signing up, Mary! I do hope you manage to see the stage show of Phantom - even after watching the film and DVD of the Albert Hall production, it's nothing like actually being at the live theatre show!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

I do hope you decide to go, Joanne - it's worth the experience and maybe you could manage it as a special treat too!

Hope you do, Patsy - there will be quite a mixture of genres!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

It really is fabulous to watch on stage, Joanna. BB is my sister and sister-in-law's favourite - I just love the pure romantic escapism of Phantom!

Absolutely, Jean - I always wanted to see it then too, but London was too far away/expensive!

Joan Fleming said...

I love Phantom too, Rosemary. I've seen it once on stage - a live performance is really exciting but I enjoyed the film version too.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Me too, Joan - and the film gave it a slightly different perspective. But I do love the live show!

Vikki said...

Really enjoyed it too. A very atmospheric and dramatic production!!