Monday, 10 September 2012

Rethinking Blogs

After a very busy summer gallavanting to the RNA Conference followed by a 2-week holiday, I've found it difficult to get back into all the social media and blogging in quite the same way as before. It's probably partly to do with the fact I have several pieces of unfinished writing calling to me and they need more time than I'm giving them!

So I've been rethinking my various blogs. This is my main blog and the one I love updating a couple of times a week and I shall continue to do so - with posts about reading, writing, authors, markets, and life in general. My Romancing History blog is full of useful resources and links about historical information, so I've decided to keep it as mainly a resource site. That means I'll only update it whenever I have interesting new links or historical information, but I won't be posting so much on it.

I haven't quite decided about the children's writing site, Flights of Imagination, but I suspect that too will be remain mainly for links and information about children's fiction and publishers. This all means I can concentrate on writing most of my blog posts on this Reading and Writing site. I'm also moving the lists of all the blogs I follow to this blog, so I can see when they update and follow them more effectively!

So that's me trying to get organised for the next few months and I'll hopefully manage to complete a few more projects, as well as sending work out. One of my short stories has just been highly commended in a recent competition and I'm waiting on the results of many more submissions. The writing group is also restarting on Tuesday, and there are several competitions coming up there - although I'm judging one of them. Overall, it's going to be a packed autumn and I'm looking forward to every minute!



Joanna said...

It's such a good idea to rethink and streamline things occasionally. I've realised that I spend too much saying I'm going to write my themed collection and finish the final draft of the novel, and not enough time actually doing it. This is because I'm entering too many competitions, I think. The time spent on entering them and checking for results when I could be writing new stories is untold! I find myself distracted by the websites and start reading stories from their archives. It's good to do this, but I lose too many hours that way!
The girls are back at school/college, so now is the time to finish my projects!
Good luck with all yours, Rosemary. You've had an incredibly busy time and are doing so well to have lots of submissions out there. x

Diane Fordham said...

Sounds like a plan Rosemary - a good one! x

joanne fox said...

So hard to keep up with everything isn't it. I don't know how you manage three blogs, when I am always behind with my one! Well done on your commendation, and good luck for those other subs.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks for that reassurance that I'm not alone in wasting time sometimes, Joanna! And I don't even have the excuse of school age children any more. I do wish you all the best with all your own writing projects - a themes collection sounds a great idea!

Thank you, Diane - now to put it into action!

Thanks for that, Joanne - I'm always full of good intentions like mnay of us!

Janice Horton said...

Hi Rosemary - what a fabulous summer you've had! I think it's always good when social networking to take stock and streamline on a regular basis and then go with what works best in connecting with people. We simply can't be everywhere all of the time - as much as we'd love to be - and have time to write too.

I really enjoy your blog and will be looking forward to your posts.

Janice xx

Teresa Ashby said...

It's very hard to keep up with everything online isn't it. I do enjoy visiting all your blogs, even if I don't always comment.

Congratulations on your commendation and good luck with all the rest :-)

Joan Fleming said...

There are only 24 hours in a day, Rosemary, no matter how hard you try to stretch them. Well done on your commendation - hope there are some wins in the pipeline!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks, Janice - just trying not to stretch myself too far! I enjoy your blog too.

Many thanks for your support, Teresa. Being a bit more organised might make me more productive - she hopes!

Thanks, Joan - need to apply myself now!

Talli Roland said...

It's good to be busy, isn't it? I found it very hard to maintain multiple blogs and went down to just this one.

Anita Chapman said...

Good luck with your writing projects Rosemary-I'm glad you're keeping this blog!

Vikki said...

Interesting post and as I've already said one message which came through loud and clear from agents at the York weekend was that writers should make sure blogs/twitter etc don't take away too much time from the actual writing as at the end of the day they're just interested in the manuscript that lands on their desk. (but I do still think blogs are a great way of working the writing muscle and exploring other aspects of that creativity!)

Rosemary Gemmell said...

I do like being busy, Talli - but it makes sense to condense the blogs a bit!

Many thanks for that, Anita - glad you enjoy this blog!

Thanks, Vikki - that was really interesting about the agents' comments!

Katbalou Edwards said...

Good practice to re-organize sometimes, and you're getting too, too busy:-)

Rosemary Gemmell said...

I'm trying (and failing) not to be too distracted by the online world!