Friday, 26 April 2013

One of Those Weeks

We get them every now and then - a week when everything is happening at once and normal routine is slightly altered, with so many different things clamouring for attention that we don't know where to start. That just about sums up my week!

Part of it was to do with writing: first edits for new contemporary novella, appearing on blogs with the new children's book, new articles for the online company, finishing judging a novella competition and preparing the talk for Monday coming - and a few other bits and pieces. Then there's the social networking online, the writing group with an entertaining and busy guest author, lovely social and writerly day with a couple of writing friends, and lunch with my sister today.

In between all this, my husband and daughter were going off on different trips on different days and I got involved with their preparations on the day before each journey. Maybe by tomorrow (Saturday) I'll start to feel more in control! I'm sure many of you have weeks like this.

Meanwhile, Lindsay is kindly featuring The Jigsaw Puzzle on her blog today. And I'm going to try and finish these edits before and after enjoying lunch out with sister! Hope you enjoy your weekend.



Wendy's Writing said...

I think it's lovely to be busy - much better than being bored, that's for sure.

Carolb said...

At least you were busy with lots of writing related aspects during the week, rather than just mundane essentials. :)
Have a lovely weekend.

Joanna said...

It sounds like a very busy week, Rosemary.
I am often sidetracked by things the rest of the family are doing. I found myself writing an essay in German to help out one daughter with her homework. This took up a large part of the morning and put my own writing goals behind schedule. I suppose at least it was still writing!
Then I had to spend an afternoon at the hairdresser. I only go once or twice a year so it always takes a long time!
Whatever I do, I always feel torn, because there are so many writing-related tasks waiting on my desk that I'm itching to get on with and I could easily live like a hermit!
I hope you had a lovely lunch with your sister and wishing you a fabulous weekend too. x

Jean Bull said...

So busy! I don't know how you do it, Rosemary!

Cara Cooper said...

So, Saturday's arrived Rosemary. Hope you have a good constructive day!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

You know, I tend to agree, Wendy - I get more done when I'm busy (but don't like being stressed)!

Absolutely, Carol!

Thanks, Joanna - I'm impressed with your German essay aid. Brings back lovely memories of checking over daughter's essays!

Some weeks are worse than others, Jean!

Thank you, Cara - I feel much more organised this morning!

Linda D said...

Busy is good when it involves doing things you enjoy - and much better than being bored!

Joan Fleming said...

How you fit everything into your day, Rosemary, I will never know. It must be so satisfying to look back and consider all you've accomplished.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Absolutely, Linda!

Thanks, Joan - I do have lazy days too now and then!