Monday, 15 July 2013

A Cottage with a View

I was lucky enough to visit the aptly named Cliff Cottage up in Aberdeenshire one day last week. It’s owned by a very kind writer who loves to share with other writers the inspirational quality of the cottage and its situation overlooking the North Sea.
After an early start for the fairly long journey by train in the delightful company of two of my friends, we arrived in time for the fun crime writing talk and exercise given by one of our ‘up north’ friends.  And fun it was, with each of the small groups trying to construct a crime story from the given characters and setting. Amidst the laughter, we all managed to come up with some kind of scenario and plot. It was such a lovely day, we were able to sit on the patio nibbling on fresh fruit while we exercised the little grey cells.

But the day was mainly about catching up with writer friends normally spread around different areas of Scotland, enjoying the lovely buffet lunch, and admiring the stunning views and cottage. Unfortunately, we had to travel back late in the day rather than stay over in one of the pretty bedrooms but the cottage worked its magic on us just the same. And I’m sure I don’t need to tell the female readers of this blog how much talking we did on the homeward journey! An excellent day out all round.
Meanwhile, for anyone interested in children’s fiction, my delightful Featured Author on the Flights of Imagination blog is Antje Hergt who is visiting from Germany and talking about the inspiration behind her debut novel, Darinel Dragon Hunter.

Now to apply some of that inspiration from the other day to my writing in progress!


Joanna said...

That is a beautiful cottage in a magnificent setting, Rosemary. It does look like a magical place for writers. I'm sure it will really inspire your week's writing. xx

Wendy's Writing said...

No, of course it doesn't surprise me that a lot of chin wagging went on - it's what it's all about. Sounds a great day.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Hi Joanna - evidently, the cottage has inspired many a writer to produce a lot of words when staying there.

Absolutely, Wendy!

Vikki said...

Lovely photos - I can imagine it being a very inspiring place to write!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Isn't it just, Vikki!

Teresa Ashby said...

What a lovely place - it has such a friendly, welcoming look about it - and the gorgeous view too! It sounds like a wonderful day :-) x

Jean Bull said...

It sounds like a perfect place to write and catch up with your writing friends!