Thursday, 15 August 2013

Another Short Interlude

I'm having another short break from the Internet, blogging, and social media while we go off exploring other new places this coming week, before autumn gets a grip here and the summer clothes are hidden away again. Already dusk is ever earlier in the evenings, which doesn't bother me of course, since we're coming into my favourite time of year. So I'll catch up with everyone soon and will maybe revamp the blog a little before getting back to serious work again.

Meanwhile, I thought you might like this lovely sentiment about silence as it's so necessary for a writer sometimes. Hope it's not one I've shared before. If I have, I'm sure you won't mind reading it again. The photo is of an ancient arch near a ruined abbey in the far west of Scotland. Maybe it will inspire some stories or poems in that silence.

'Come away from the din.
Come away to the quiet fields,
over which the great sky stretches,
and where, between us and the stars,
there lies but silence;
and there, in the stillness
let us listen to the voice
that is speaking within us.'

Jerome K. Jerome


Carolb said...

I like the poem, Rosemary, thank you for sharing it.

And yes I'm sure that arch will inspire poems and stories.

Enjoy your travels. :)

Wendy's Writing said...

Have a great break, Rosemary and talk again when we both get back!

Joanna said...

Enjoy your break, Rosemary, and thank you for the wise and beautiful words about silence.

The autumn is my favourite time too and I'm looking forward to peaceful days at home with my writing while quietly the view from my window begins to change. xx

Jean Bull said...

That's a very calming poem, Rosemary. I love Three Men in a Boat, I didn't know that he wrote poetry too.

Talli Roland said...

Have a great break, Rosemary!

Vikki said...

Great poem (and love that photo).Hope you got lots of quiet time on the breakx