Monday, 7 April 2014

Let the Spring Cleaning Begin

Despite the awful weather we're having, in between fleeting spots of sunshine (blink and you'll miss it), I seem to be in spring cleaning and clearing out mode. Maybe it's my new form of procrastination, or I'm hyper from the large milk chocolate Easter egg my friend gave me - what you didn't think it would last until Easter did you? Whatever the reason, I've been making inroads into the ridiculous number of books lining my long work room from top to bottom right along one wall. And there are more books in the other room. Husband is overjoyed I've taken the initiative at last.

I kept thinking I could never decide which to keep and which must go but it's been a bit easier to part with some of them, especially those enormous tomes I can hardly even lift, and never get around to opening these days. I've refused to get rid of my OU study material and books and I'm compromising on the number of paperbacks I keep. It helps that those with too small writing have to go - I have good close-up sight without the need for specs but can't be bothered making the effort to read tiny writing now when I can get them on the e-reader.

Some books need to stay, however, and we all have old favourites that are irreplaceable. Mine include the several old Bunty and Judy annuals and an assortment of other children's books. Then there are all the wonderful old reference and history books that are a pleasure to use for research since most are illustrated. So far, only one tall bookcase from the nine is almost emptied - if I can find space for the row of cookery books I can't part with. Not because I use them all, but some have been with me all through marriage and other newer recipe books call hopefully to me every now and then.

Today, it's back to spring cleaning the writing as well. I've been sending out lots of poetry this year (my first type of writing many moons ago) and having some success, which is making me look at the whole file I've gathered over the years. Then it's the articles - have had great success with those over the years, so three more are away at the moment. Several short stories have been rewritten and sent on their way, with more to finish or rewrite. Two younger children's stories are out and another is almost ready to send and I've a new middle grade novel to finish. My new novella, The Adonis Touch, is due for publication in late May and I'm waiting for the edits to arrive any day now, and I'm trying to finish a contemporary novel before getting on with the Victorian crime novel.

You might see me online every now and then, if I haven't suffocated under the weight and dust of the books still to be gone through!



Mary Smith said...

Good grief, Rosemary, I'm exhausted just reading all you have on your to-do list! Good luck with your many projects, including the book clearance. I'm hopeless at that, I'm afraid.

Joan Fleming said...

VERY impressive, Rosemary. Having moved fairly recently, I did a massive clearance, but I've not been too successful with the books. Well done on sending out so many pieces. I remember you did this once before and had a string of successes - hope the same happens again!

ange said...

Hi Rosemary

I'm spring-cleaning at the moment too but not because it's spring-time but because I'm about to be a nana for the first time with twin girls!! What a lovely reason to re-paint, re-carpet and ban the dogs from the lounge.....and MEAN it this time!!!!

I used to have Jackie annuals and SO wish I'd kept them. Just looking at the photos of your albums takes me back to early teenage years! *sigh*

Ange xx

Rena George said...

What amazing energy you must have, Rosemary, to have completed all those writing projects in such a short time, and now you're spring cleaning as well ... Rx

Wendy's Writing said...

You put me to shame, Rosemary - I'm getting the duster out!

Teresa Ashby said...

What is your secret, Rosemary? (Can it really be the Easter egg?!) I keep looking at my books - but looking is all I do.
I so wish I'd hung on to my annuals x

Joanna said...

I'm so impressed, Rosemary. I'm sure your energy levels and output are ten times the amount of most people!
I find it very inspiring and it spurs me on to finish the various projects I have on the go.

Spring can be a good time for a clear-out and I'm determined to find some boxes and clear out the ridiculous number of books we have all accrued. My youngest daughter, however, refuses to part with anything at all - and she reads more than any of us! Perhaps I should bribe her with an early Easter egg! xxx

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks, Mary - the book clear-out is much needed!

The thought of down-sizing is what galvanised me into action, Joan!

How lovely, Ange - congratulations! My first little granddaughter is almost two years old now.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

It's now and then with me, Rena - and husband does a lot of the actual cleaning. I'm good at the clearing out when I put my mind to it!

I don't usually dust much, Wendy!

I used to go and just look at the books too, Teresa, without making any decisions. Think it's the thought of downsizing that's scaring me into action (and the milk chocolate!).

Rosemary Gemmell said...

I honestly don't maintain this level for long, Joanna, so taking advantage of it for now! I have sympathy with your daughter as it's taken me too long to do this. Funnily enough, now I've started it's getting easier.

Frances Garrood said...

This post made me tired, just reading it. Take a rest, Rosemary, and have some cake/more chocolate. Or go and smell the daffodils...?

Vikki said...

Can you come and spring clean my books now please?

Carolb said...

You've reminded me of all the things that need sorting and cleaning, Rosemary.:D

I think you deserve the chocolate after all that.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Don't worry, Frances - I completely chill out watching TV and reading in the evenings!

You wish, Vikki - still only done one bookcase here!

Thank you, Carol - I don't need much excuse for chocolate, I'm afraid!

Julia said...

I'd get rid of the coookery books first of all. I have a very limited repertoire of meals and it resides in my head. Definitely keep the children's books. Get rid of anyting you haven't read. Spring cleaning is SO good for the soul. Enjoy!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Yes - husband and I both think clearing out and spring cleaning is good for the soul. Thought I'd better make a start before we actually do downsize as we're planning to do!

German Zollinger said...

This is a unique spring cleaning job. While I would love to have as much books as you, a trove of books can attract dust and clutter. It's just a pity that you have to put them away, but certainly someone could have better use of it! An unwanted book could be another man's treasure.

German Zollinger @