Monday, 14 April 2014

More Clearing Out

Does anyone keep old hard copies of their unpublished manuscripts? I ask because one of my shelves was groaning under the weight of several heavy folders containing far too many as yet unpublished short stories, articles, poetry and just about every other kind of writing I've ever attempted. I suddenly wondered why on earth I was cluttering up the room with so much dust-attracting paper.

Anyway, in between having a short walk with husband at one of my favourite little places on Loch Lomond over the weekend (between rain showers), I've been filling up the recycling bin. It's been a great opportunity to go through all the various versions of some pieces on the computer files and get rid of the oldest. And I'm making sure to back up everything on two different memory sticks!

Hopefully, at the end of this tearing up frenzy I'll be able to start actually rewriting anything that has possibilities. Must say, it's not just the shelves that feel a lot lighter! Maybe I'll get round to sorting the photos next.



Becca McCallum said...

I need to go through photos and sort them out! Just found your blog and having a read through.

Teresa Ashby said...

You're really on a roll with this sorting out lark aren't you! You put me to shame as I drown in clutter x

Wendy's Writing said...

I have no hard copies of any of my writing, Rosemary (it is all backed up though).

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Hi Becca - nice to see you here! Thanks for commenting.

Don't worry - we were too, Teresa. Must admit it's making me feel better getting rid of so much, though there's plenty more!

You've obviously started off being sabout it, Wendy!

Joanna said...

I wish I could find the energy to do the same, Rosemary! I have kept all the paper versions of everything too and don't know where to start!

I have at least begun removing some gigantic cobwebs now the sun is showing them up! Well done for all the hard work. xx