Saturday 30 August 2014

Short Break Before Autumn

I’m so pleased we’re coming into autumn, as my energy levels usually start to rise from now until the end of the year. As long as we have some fresh, sunny days and not the awful drizzly, muggy weather we often get up here – we call that dreich which sums it up very well.

First of all, we’re having a short break and I’m taking time off from all social media while we visit some interesting places. I also need to think about where my writing is going next and hope to get a bit more organised as I seem to waste too much time dithering between one project and another. I know I’m not the only person who enjoys taking stock during September – must be something to do with the new academic year for schools and colleges!

Meanwhile, if you’re quick, you can download Gwen Kirkwood’s book, Heart of the Home for FREE until Sunday 31st August.

Daughter Vikki has a flash fiction story, Ghosts, being published in Scottish journal The Grind – hopefully you should be able to find it here, once it’s online on Monday.

For any aspiring crime and thriller writers out there, you have the chance to submit your completed novel to Killer Reads, the new e-imprint from Harper Collins, between 29 August and 14 September.

See you in a week or two,



Teresa Ashby said...

Hope you have a lovely break, Rosemary and the weather isn't dreich (love that word)!

Congratulations to Vikki, I'll check Ghosts out on Monday :-) x

joanne fox said...

I share your fondness for the autumn, Rosemary. Lovely nip in the air. Time to pause and take stock of things before winter descends. Am also a chronic ditherer! It's hard to change, but I'm going to have a serious try this September. Enjoy your break. x

Vikki said...

Thanks for posting the link, Mum,and thanks Teresa for the congrats:)

Jean Bull said...

Thanks, Rosemary. I think September is a good time to rethink, refresh and restart. Enjoy your break!

Patsy said...

I too hope you'll have lovely weather this autumn - and not just because I'll be spending a fair bit of it in Scotland.

Julia Thorley said...

I'm sure your right about that academic year legacy. I still think September feels more like New Year than January does. Maybe it's because we have a definite change in the seasons now, whereas the Dec/Jan gloom is all the same.

Carolb said...

Enjoy your break, Rosemary.

I hope the weather is kind to you.

I think it's the long dark nights and sometimes cold days approaching that gets writers reviewing their workload.

Good luck with everything. :)

Joanna said...

Have a restful break, Rosemary, and I'll look forward to reading Ghosts very much. I hope you return to your writing routine with all your projects sorted out in your mind. I'm doing much the same and loving the onset of autumn too. I feel like a new person! xxx

Wendy's Writing said...

I love autumn too. Even though I'm no longer a teacher I still think of it as the start of the new working year. Enjoy your social media free time.