Monday, 18 May 2015

Free Scrivener Webinar and Free Book

I've read about lots of authors now using Scrivener for their writing and I got as far as downloading the trial offer ages ago, but didn't continue trying to work it out! Now, Joanna Penn has mentioned a free webinar on offer this week to show us how to get to grips with this powerful programme - if you register, you can catch up with it after the live broadcast. This is what Joanna said:

How to write, organize and format your book with Scrivener - free webinar! 

Scrivener is the tool that changed my own writing life and I'm a real evangelist for helping others to understand its powerful functionality. The last Scrivener webinar we did had over 1000 attendees and was so much fun that we're doing it again :) We'll cover tips for both non-fiction and fiction authors and I'll show you how I'm using Scrivener for my next books.

The webinar will be on Thurs 21 May at 12 noon US Pacific, 3pm US Eastern, 8pm London for the live webinar and Q&A with me and Joseph Michael, the Scrivener Coach.

If you register, you'll also get access to the recording which will be available within 24 hours after the call and available for you to watch over the weekend. 


Writing friend, Mary Smith, is offering her wonderful novel, No More Mulberries, free today (Monday) until Wednesday 20th on Amazon. Set in Afghanistan just before the Taliban, it's well worth the read and it has over 50 great reviews! Mary actually worked there in the past so knows what she's talking about. Some of you may remember I interviewed Mary when the novel first came out a couple of years ago.

Scottish-born midwife, Miriam loves her work at a health clinic in rural Afghanistan and the warmth and humour of her women friends in the village, but she can no longer ignore the cracks appearing in her marriage. Her doctor husband has changed from the loving, easy-going man she married and she fears he regrets taking on a widow with a young son, who seems determined to remain distant from his stepfather.

When Miriam acts as translator at a medical teaching camp she hopes time apart might help her understand the cause of their problems. Instead, she must focus on helping women desperate for medical care and has little time to think about her failing marriage. When an old friend appears, urging her to visit the village where she and her first husband had been so happy. Miriam finds herself travelling on a journey into her past, searching for answers to why her marriage is going so horribly wrong. 

Her husband, too, has a past of his own – from being shunned as a child to the loss of his first love.  


Joanna said...

This is very helpful- thank you, Rosemary. I have wondered about Scrivener, but never looked into it. I am now tempted to register and find out more. xx

Mary Smith said...

Rosemary, many thanks for the No More Mulberries plug - I really appreciate it.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

I've registered but will probably have to view it later. Hope it's of use, Joanna!

You're very welcome, Mary!

Anonymous said...

Interesting post, Rosemary, and I've corrected your link on my blog to this one. Now I can keep up a bit more, and everyone else hopefully. Thanks for the link to the book.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Hi Susan - thanks for dropping in and for changing the link on your blog! No More Mulberries is a great read.

Julia Thorley said...

I'm not ready for Scrivener yet, but it sounds like a good tool. The secret to all these aids is to allocate time to learn to use them properly, so a webinar is a great way to do this.

Carolb said...

A friend at the writers' club uses it and has found Scrivener useful.

I'm not sure I need it yet, but in the future, anything is possible. :-)

Robb Smith said...

This is very interesting topic i will look forward to attain this kind of free webinar services