Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Summer of the Eagles Countdown

Since it's now the height of summer, I thought it might be a good time to put my tween book, Summer of the Eagles, on a countdown offer. This is written under my Ros Gemmell name and the rights have now reverted to me. So from today it will be on sale from Amazon UK at 99p and Amazon US at 99c until Saturday when it will revert to its normal price. Although it's aimed at roughly the 9-13 age group, it's very popular with adult women too!

This was the book I always wanted published, before the current one, The Highland Lass, and I've been delighted at the response of those who've read it. Set on a Scottish island inspired by Cumbrae on the west coast, it deals with loss and healing after 13 year old Stevie (Stephanie) is orphaned and lamed. When Gran can't deal with Stevie's moods, she's sent to her aunt on Cumbruach for the summer.

But Stevie's summer is not what she'd imagined when she becomes involved in the bird sanctuary, meets some other young people and gets into danger from bird poachers. But, apart from anything else, it is Karig, the mysterious friend of eagles who breaks through Stevie's defences and begins her healing process. But who or what is Karig?

Here are a few snippets of reviews as I've hardly ever shared these!

'The action is well paced, the descriptions of the island vivid and the characters well delineated. Gradually, through Stevie's adventures on the island, we come to learn the secrets of the eagles. This is a novel that, once started, is difficult to put down. Although it is aimed at the tween market, it will appeal also to adults as they relive, through Stevie, the uncertainties of early adulthood. An ideal summer read.'

'Just the right degree of mystery in what was otherwise a realistic and heartwarming story of a young girl coming to terms with bereavement.'

'The author's sympathetic handling of the issues affecting a troubled young girl ensures we empathise with Stevie...... Read this fast-paced tale to its beautiful conclusion, for although essentially a tween novel, it will appeal to the angst-ridden youngster in all of us.'

Ros Gemmell's Summer of Eagles is, in a word, magnificent. It is a book for `tweens, I think, but I found myself turning the pages with a sheen in my eyes and a catch in my throat. Summer works on several levels: as a metaphor for coming of age; as a story of loss and recovery; as a tale of young girl who learns about herself and other people by living through pain and by accepting love. Above all, it is a story of spiritual strength and overarching love that comes through a belief in something higher than our own limited nature.'

'SUMMER OF THE EAGLES by Ros Gemmell shows us so many diverse layers of the intricate weave we all play in Nature's overall tapestry From the majestic beauty and wisdom of the golden eagles, to the dawning recovery of a child, stripped by a glitch in the sway of Time's Pendulum of her beloved family...this book DELIVERS.'

I'll be back to Italy on Sunday!



Mary Smith said...

Lovely comments about you book. I've tweeted and Fbooked.

Julia Thorley said...

Great reviews. I'm glad you've been able to give this book a new lease of life with Amazon.

Maria said...

Great news that you are going to publish...fingers crossed for lots of sales.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

That's kind of you - thanks, Mary!

Thanks, Julia, although I suspect this age group prefer print!

Thanks, Maria!

Joanna said...

they are wonderful and well-deserved reviews, Rosemary. Many congratulations for the responses to this beautiful book and wishing you every success. xxx

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