Monday, 30 November 2015

St Andrew's Day

Along with the distinctive Saltire, our national flag, our patron saint St Andrew gives Scotland part of its identity. He's also the patron saint of several other countries, such as Greece and Russia, but St Andrew is celebrated in Scotland on the 30th November each year with his own saint's day.

I have to say I've never attended any actual celebrations on this day but it's a holiday here in Scotland, which means a day off work for many people! However, according to the Official Gateway to Scotland site, there will be plenty to celebrate in different parts of the country.

I'm very pleased to be taking part in a virtual celebration this year - over on the Celtic Connexions blog of Canadian Melanie Robertson-King. Melanie's roots partly lie in Scotland so it's an honour to be asked to join in the fun on her blog today. If you have time, come over and enjoy some virtual Scottish goodies and some great music.



Patsy said...

Happy St Andrew's day, Rosemary.

Carolb said...

Happy St Andrew's Day, Rosemary. :)

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