Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Snow Days

I love cold, dry and sunny winter days - along with autumn, it's my favourite time of year. So I was delighted when we had a couple of snowy days here, and on one of them we managed to get to a local garden centre for a walk.

This is part of our back garden when the snow was at its deepest - it was already getting slightly darker by mid-afternoon and the sky stayed greyish white for a few days so the light isn't so good.

Don't you love a field of lovely white, unblemished snow inviting footprints - I couldn't resist!


The trees had only a light dusting of snow still on them this day and I managed to get a shot of part of the Erskine Bridge in one of them. We drive across that every time we head to the other side of the river towards Loch Lomond.

Trying to get my work organised now and enjoying typing up the scribbled contents of several notebooks. Problem will be what to tackle first!



Joanna said...

I love these beautiful, atmospheric pictures, Rosemary. What lovely views. The snow adds such magic - embossing that vast purity with those first footprints is irresistible. Good luck with the writing! xx

Maria said...

Get you with all the snow!
Agree I like it for a day or two but not much beyond that as it's a hinderance when you're trying to get out and about in the car etc
Maybe I'd enjoy it more if I didn't have to go out and about for a living.
We had snowfall overnight on Saturday but it melted very quickly, so sadly didn't get to leave any footprints.
Have a good week.

Patsy said...

I like being out in the snow when it's falling (assuming I'm wrapped up warm and haven't got too far to go.) We haven't had any yet, but my wellies are on stand by.

Mary Smith said...

Lovely pics, Rosemary. That's how I like my snow - on photos!

Teresa Ashby said...

Gorgeous photos, Rosemary. I don't mind the snow when it's like that and I can choose whether or not to venture out. We've only had a light dusting here which didn't last long - much to the annoyance of the smaller members of the family :-) xx

Carolb said...

Lovely photos, Rosemary.

Obviously if we want snow like that we have to move to Scotland, as we only got a couple of centimetres that melted by lunchtime. :(

Nicola said...

Beautifully captured, Rosemary. Enjoy typing up your notebook. Start at the beginning :) Have a lovely week.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Many thanks, Joanna - they're a bit dark which adds to the atmosphere!

Yes, you're quite right, Maria - snow isn't so much fun if you have to get around in it!

Hope you get some before the end of winter, Patsy!

Ha,ha - I know what you mean, Mary!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

I can imagine the young ones would be disappointed, Teresa - my 3 and a half year old granddaughter was evidently very miffed that they only had one good sledging day!

It doesn't always land so well here, Carol, so I was making the most of it!

Thanks, Nicola - I'm sure you'll have seen plenty of snow now and then, or maybe you're not in the right part of Germany?

Anita Chapman said...

Beautiful photos, Rosemary! We had a bit of snow, but it thawed by lunchtime. Best of luck with all your projects this year :-).

Maggie May said...

I think because this winter has been so mild, we all feel a bit cheated without any snow, and the temperatures are picking up again this weekend. Maybe these are the only snowy pictures you will get this winter?

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Many thanks, Anita - it's raining here now, which is more usual!

It may well be, Maggie, which is why I was enjoying being out in it so much!

Frances Garrood said...

It looks beautiful, Rosemary. All we've had is rain, some frost, and icy cold winds.

Julia Thorley said...

We've only a day's snow. I watched out of my kitchen window as a little boy scooped up all the snow from my garden wall and threw it at his brother, Oh, to be a child!