Tuesday, 16 February 2016


We've had a busy time recently and it is going to get even busier in March when daughter gets the keys to her new house and makes the transition again from here to there with all that entails. But it's a happy busyness. Yesterday, we said goodbye to yet another member of our family after an older sister-in-law finally lost her tremendous fight against cancer over the last few years. As always with funerals, we got the chance to see lots of extended family members we hadn't seen for many years and shared lovely memories. It also reminds us of the other close family who passed away too soon and of making the most of our own lives while we may.

Later this morning, we're heading up to Perth which is the sort of entrance to the Highlands as I'm speaking at the writing group there this evening and delivering the results of the short story competition I've been adjudicating - and a great pleasure it has been. I've also been judging another, different type of competition and it's always a privilege to get to read so many great entries. Now I'm looking forward to a very short break and hoping to see some wonderful scenery, if the rain stays away!

It's when we're at our busiest that we need to take time out to reflect and enjoy a peaceful interlude if possible. We took advantage of the lovely cold, sunny morning at the weekend to enjoy one of our favourite walks down by the river. It never fails to lift the spirits and remind us of all the natural beauty in the world, often right on our doorstep. The first photo is of one of the lochs we visited ages ago and the one above is where we walked at the weekend.



Patsy said...

What a lovely refeclive photo to go with this post.

Joanna said...

This is a beautiful post, Rosemary, and the pictures capture perfectly that sense of enjoying the riches of our lives while we can.

I hope Vikki's move goes ahead smoothly and that she is very happy in her new home, and that you have a lovely time in Perth. xxx

Vikki said...

Love the photos! Thanks for letting me stay while I searched for my new place. I've enjoyed my little interlude and appreciate the downtime it's given me during a chaotic few months!

Angela Barton said...

Hello Rosemary

I'm so sorry to hear the sad news about your sister-in-law. I hope you find your break a relaxing yet re-energising time. I hope all goes well with your daughter's move too - I know it can be a nightmare and we've done it more times than I care to remember. Happy writing and will pop by your blog again soon.

Ange xx

Carolb said...

Sorry about your sad news,Rosemary, but everyone getting together and sharing their memories is a wonderful way to celebrate that life.

Hope everything goes well from now on. :)

Wendy's Writing said...

You live in such a beautiful area, Rosemary. If ever I come to Scotland I will have to visit you :-) (not just for the scenery of course!). It's been a sad time for you but your daughter's move is exciting for you all.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thank you, Patsy!

Many thanks, Joanna - it was a lovely short break!

You know you've been, and are, very welcome, Vikki - but I know you must be wanting your own wee house!

Thanks, Ange - we're hoping it goes smoothly!

Many thanks, Carol!

Thanks, Wendy - that would be fun!

Anita Chapman said...

Sorry for your family's loss, Rosemary. Best of luck to Vikki with the move. It looks so beautiful where you are, how lovely to have such stunning scenery to escape to.