Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Publication Day!

Today sees the release of the third novella in my Aphrodite and Adonis series! The Aphrodite Assignment is again set on Cyprus and features the mythological goddess and her most beloved Adonis. The human couple this time are not actually together when the heroine, Bryony, arrives on the island. But she and Richard do have some shared history and she’s not sure how to behave towards him. She has five days to find out!

Here’s the blurb and a short excerpt to get you in the mood for sunshine and romance in the Mediterranean.

The Aphrodite Assignment

Bryony Marshall has the assignment of a lifetime: to check out the new apartments on Cyprus, Aphrodite’s island, for her travel company. But she hadn’t reckoned on her contact being Richard Harrison, former teenage crush and her older sister’s ex-fiancĂ©, nor her renewed feelings for him.

Aphrodite and Adonis plan to encourage the budding romance between Bryony and Richard but the goddess Athena brings them unwelcome news: Aphrodite must return to Olympus with the other gods for a council with Zeus. Can the mythological couple bring the humans together within the limited time left to both couples?


“Here we are. This is one of my favourite hotels, and your boss was happy to agree as they’ve used this hotel for clients in the past. I’ve booked you a room for your stay on Cyprus. I’m staying here, too, while you check out the new building. I can be your chauffeur so you see a bit of this area.”

Bryony glanced at his amused hazel eyes and was about to protest. But the words died as he touched her arm.

“Before we get out, may I ask if we can start again, Bryony? Pretend we’ve only met and put the past behind us while you’re here? It’s a beautiful island and I want you to enjoy it.” He held out his hand. “Hello, I’m Richard Harrison, and I look forward to showing you around.”

Could she so easily forget the hurt he’d caused her sister and her own devastation at his leaving? As she met his eyes again, Bryony remembered the man she’d spent restless nights dreaming about, and she shook his hand.

“Bryony Marshall. Pleased to be here, and looking forward to seeing the apartments.” She didn’t smile but when her hand disappeared inside his, she unexpectedly felt a jolt of warmth and pulled her hand away.

“It’s a start,” he said, and turned to open his door. “Let’s get you settled.”


The Aphrodite Assignment is available in all e-formats, including kindle on Amazon UK and Amazon US. You can also access the other platforms on the Tirgearr site.

I loved Cyprus when we visited many years ago, partly because of its history and mythology. We stayed in the Greek side and enjoyed exploring the Troodos Mountains as well as the coastal area around Paphos. These days, it’s so much more built-up and no doubt far more commercial but the warmth of the people and the beautiful, traditional villages make it an ideal destination most of the year round.

Do you have a favourite island that you’d like to revisit, or one that you’ve always wanted to see?

Rosemary (or Romy for this book!)


Nicola said...

Congratulations, Rosemary!!! Wishing you much success!

My favourite island has to be Madeira. It is such a beautiful and green island all year round and the people are lovely. And the cows too (that's a long story :))

Have a lovely day. Get the champagne out :)

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Many thanks, Nicola! I've only visited Madeira once, on a school cruise man, many moons ago It was beautiful and I've always wanted to return. One day...

Frances Garrood said...

Good luck with the new novel, Rosemary. And my favourite island is Corsica. It's just beautiful.

Joanna said...

Huge congratulations, Rosemary! I'm sure The Aphrodite Assignment will be a great success and I'm really looking forward to it. It sounds lovely with its exciting storyline and that gorgeous setting.

I think my favourite island is Cephalonia. We went there many years ago when it was not well known and hence very peaceful. It was in June when it was absolutely smothered in flowers. I've never seen so much colour and the beach was almost deserted every day. Bliss. xxx

Patsy said...

Congratulations and good luck.

Mary Smith said...

Congratulations, Rosemary. Hope you are celebrating this evening.
My favourite island is La Gomera, which we only 'discovered' in December and I would return in a heartbeat given the chance. Stunning scenery, great walking trails, beaches, wonderful food and SUNSHINE!

Carolb said...

Congratulations, Rosemary.

I'm sure it will be another success for you.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thank you, Frances. The small part of Corsica we once visited from a tall ship was indeed beautiful. Another island to revisit!

Many thanks, Joanna! Cephalonia is really lovely - one of our smaller cruise ships called in there and I loved wandering along the prom watching the turtles eating the remnants of the day's catch. Evidently that's partly how they look after the turtles on the island. Wish we'd managed to see some of the interior too - another excuse for a visit!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thank you, Patsy!

Thanks, Mary - it was a bit of a blur as I had to go and look after delightful wee granddaughter most of the day! Yes, La Gomera is yet another island we've visited briefly and we really enjoyed.

Many thanks, Carol!

Wendy's Writing said...

Whichever Greek island I've just visited becomes my favourite - I love them all! Many congratulations on your latest Aphrodite novella x

Rae Cowie said...

Congratulations on the publication of The Aphrodite Assignment, Rosemary. The promise of sunshine and romance is a tempting combination at this time of year - wishing you every success. :-) My most memorable island visit was to Alcatraz Island, so full of stories and ghosts. We visited during the day but would love to have the courage to take a night-time tour!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks, Wendy - I love Greek islands too!

Many thanks, Rae. I've never been to Alcatraz but it sounds fascinating!