Saturday, 10 September 2016

Autumn - Time to Get Organised

It's the time of year I most look forward to - the arrival of autumn. When lots of people (including husband) bemoan the darker mornings and evenings, I'm rejoicing! For some reason, summer leaves me lethargic and uninspired while the fresher days bring me more alive and energised again. I apologise to those who prefer summer but I was most disappointed to find the weather heating up again and thankfully there is a breeze today along with the sun so we had a lovely walk along by the shore this morning. I don't even mind the darker evenings, then I don't feel guilty about being inside.

It's also the time I start getting more organised - sorting out writing projects, clearing drawers and hopefully actually getting on with the current work instead of playing around at writing. This year, I'm going back to printing out interesting submission opportunities as I always forget to look at them when in a file on the computer. I'll leave them there too so they're handy to submit online, but I've discovered I prefer to have a folder containing printed details which I can keep on the desk or in a drawer or can take to any room while thinking up ideas.

I even love putting any summery clothes away and sorting out the autumn/winter weight items ready for use again. The boots are out of their storage boxes and handy for when needed and I've started identifying any gaps amongst my warmer clothes. This isn't as daft as it sounds since I've a terrible tendency to be tempted by sales and end up with things I don't need or that don't go with anything. I did say how much I enjoy organising at this time of year!

Next on the list is my newsletter which I hope to get written and sent out this week. I'm also starting to prepare for a talk I'm doing at a writing event in early October so you can see why I'm suddenly firing on all cylinders. Long may it continue!

Please tell me if you're an autumn person and why.



Teresa Ashby said...

I'm with your husband, Rosemary, but the rest of my family love this time of year. I'm getting very grumpy as the nights pull in.
You're right about it being a good time to get organised though.
I love the photos!

Julia Thorley said...

I like autumn, too. It's much more like New Year Resolution time than January - a throwback to school days, I think. Long may your dynamism last.

Joanna said...

I feel just the same as you, Rosemary. I'm so relieved when summer ends and my worn-out enthusiasm and energy come rushing back. All the guilt at being inside slips away and both the early morning and late afternoon darkness make me really happy and productive again. Summer is always a debilitating time for me and this year I began to doubt my ability to write. I felt completely uncrreative for a while. I had to take a few weeks away from it, but it made me feel lost, as if I were cast adrift. Now autumn is approaching, I can't wait to get started again! Like you, the wardrobe is also on my list for a good, thorough sort-out. I only really like my autumn/winter clothes and have missed them so much. Looking forward very much to reading your newsletter and wish you a wonderful, fruitful autumn. xxx

Rosemary Gemmell said...

That's funny about you getting grumpy at this time of year, Teresa, as my husband is the same! He does, however, enjoy walks in the fresher air like me. Hope it's not too severe a winter for you.

I think you're right, Julia - and what writer can resist all the lovely stationery in the shops for back to school and college!

Thanks for that, Joanna - you have exactly described how I feel! I'm also glad (selfishly) you felt the same about your writing this summer as I was beginning to think I should give up, yet now I'm back on track. And, yes, my favourite clothes are autumn/winter! Wishing you joy of your writing again.

Anonymous said...

I love autumn as well, Rosemary. The colours and the cooler weather, though it's a scorcher here in the Midlands today. Good luck with all the new writing ideas.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks, Suzy - hope you have a good autumn!

Carolb said...

I do like autumn, Rosemary.

It usually isn't too hot (current weather excluded) and the early part of the day it's cool and settled, you can see the cobwebs hanging between any available anchor points in the garden.

Have fun with all your planned writing projects.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks, Carol - glad you like autumn too!

Olivia Alexander said...

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