Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Organising Books and Writing

I did mean to update the blog once a week but I'm running to catch up now! At least moving house and area is a good excuse and with the painter starting mid-week, we're having to move things around a bit. Can't wait until life becomes more settled again, although we're definitely enjoying exploring some of the interesting venues around our new area at the weekends.

Most of my books are now happily ensconced on their new bookshelves in my lovely bright study. I've had to hide a lot of my OU study books and information magazines and such like in the cupboard but they are very accessible and that allows me to use the shelves for the books I want to keep near me. I have a lot more books downstairs in an old fashioned bookcase in the lounge and some small hardbacks waiting for their special shelves to be attached to a wall somewhere.

I'm also needing a new computer which hopefully will arrive by next week and then I can get new Office and anti-virus installed. Meanwhile, I decided to organise all my writing. I don't know if anyone else has so much in their files, some of mine going back to when I first started writing and submitting in the early 1990s! Honestly, I get fed up seeing some of the same old 'rubbish' - at least those I've never managed to rewrite or place.

So I've started a new A5 notebook for recording everything and hope to sort the wheat from the chaff and delete anything that is unusable - such as a few files with nothing but random sentences that are definitely not worth keeping. I expect it will help me to feel more in control once it's done, especially before I have to transport everything to the new computer - and to Windows 10 (gulp) instead of Windows 7 that I love at the moment.

But will it help me to actually get on with the writing? Watch this space. I struggle at times with having too many works in progress instead of concentrating on one at a time so perhaps dealing with any finished work first will free my mind for the rest!



Patsy said...

Those are very tidy bookshelves!

My writing files are all on the laptop, so I don't have to see those I'd rather ignore.

Maria said...

Looks like you're settling in, and getting organised.
I have more or less organised my books. I've run out of shelves, and can't decide if I should give some books away, or buy another bookcase.

Joanna said...

Your lovely, well-organised book shelves show how well you must be settling in, Rosemary. I'm trying to organise files too, especially the ancient ones with just a few strange sentences, or even just an odd title, all of which baffle me now! I recently changed, albeit a bit reluctantly, to Windows 10 and I like it very much and haven't experienced any problems. Wishing you luck with your new computer and I'm sure you'll soon be back into your writing routine and life will settle back down beautifully xxx

Frances Garrood said...

The 1990s....you're just a child, Rosemary! I sold my first story in the 1970s, and it featured (among other things) a woman whose husband had fought in the war and a pay phone. How times have changed!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

At the moment, Patsy! My files are on my computer too but it was way out of control and needed pruning/organising.

I got rid of a lot of books before we moved, Maria, but still have more than enough!

Thanks very much, Joanna - that's exactly what I meant about odd sentences and such like. Glad you like Windows 10 - that's reassuring!

Wow, Frances - I bet a lot of the story themes and content were rather different then!

suzy doodling said...

That's a lovely tidy space, Rosemary. I too have been clearing out recently. All our writing comes in handy one day though, even if it's snippets of something written 20 years ago. Glad you're settling in.

Vikki said...

Love the bookshelves - there's something very satisfying about unpacking books and putting them on display.
I have a whole drawer full of notebooks with lots of random scribbles that I have yet to sort through. I'm sure you'll get back into a good writing routine soon x

Wendy's Writing said...

Sorting out your writing folders sounds an excellent idea. It's something I should do (all mine are on my computer). I'm sure it's going to be really exciting writing your new study. Mine is being redecorated as we speak.

Carolb said...

Always easier to get organised and arrange your books as you want them when you move.

Hope your new regime helps you, Rosemary.

Once you get Windows 10 set-up the way you need it, you'll be fine.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Sorry I've been so late in replying to you, Suzy, Vikki, Wendy and Carol - thanks for commenting! Trying to get back on track now.