Sunday, 3 September 2017

Welcome to Autumn!

It's the time of year I most love: summer is more or less over, the days are fresher and the nights are drawing in! I haven't quite got as far as rearranging clothes and footwear yet but it won't be long before the cosier tops and tights, and boots, take a more prominent place. Already I can feel my energy levels increasing and look forward to a more productive time without the lethargy of summer.

Fortunately, we're more settled in our new house and area, with only a few small things still to fix or change. I'm enjoying seeing more of granddaughter and helping out with the school run a few times a week - it's a privilege to hear about this exciting new time in her life. Her parents are grateful too, as it takes a bit of pressure off them.

I've now started an inspiration (or vision) board that sits at one side of my desk as a reminder of what I enjoy or want to achieve. It's a work in progress and it's good fun, looking for images or quotes to add. As a visual person, this suits my work space very well so hopefully it will inspire me!

Since yesterday was probably one of the best days for getting out and about up here, sunny at times but with a lovely fresh breeze, we headed off by train to the beautiful east coast town of North Berwick. I've never been before but have heard so much about it that it was the perfect distance for a whole day out without having to drive. And I was not disappointed. I expect this was the first of many such trips and I'm not surprised that many people spend longer breaks there.


Bass Rock

As well as lying along a very pretty stretch of coast, the town is full of those small shops that entice passers-by to browse. Then there's the attractive harbour with the Scottish Seabird Centre overlooking the rocky area down to sea and beach. And one of the most impressive sights is the famous Bass Rock which hosts the world's largest colony of Northern gannets. I definitely need to go back to take one of the boat trips on offer as they also cruise around the Isle of May to see the biggest colony of puffins on the east coast of Britain - and I'm sure there are many more interesting sights along the coast.


I was intrigued to see the remains of an ancient church sitting near the Seabird Centre and of course I went in to investigate. The photo is shows most of what is left of the chapel but I took note of its interesting history - the area was one of pilgrimage in the past. Being right on the Firth of Forth, fresh seafood is available in many of the eating places - there's even a little lobster hatchery at the end of the harbour where you can find out exactly how they grow (I won't be eating any of them!). It was certainly good for the soul being in such beautiful natural surroundings and I can't wait to return.

All I need to do now is get stuck into redrafting the novella so I can return to another project that needs completing! Hope you're feeling inspired wherever you are.



Teresa Ashby said...

You are my opposite, Rosemary - in autumn my energy flags and I start looking forward to spring!

I love your inspiration board - what a wonderful idea. And your photos from North Berwick are gorgeous. Going back for the boat trips is something to really look forward to.

Hope your granddaughter is loving school! x

Joan Fleming said...

I'm pleased that you're enjoying outings to the east coast of Scotland, Rosemary. Lovely pictures. North Berwick was one of my childhood haunts - an exciting day out from my home in Edinburgh.

I'm impressed by your inspiration board. I'm tempted to copy the idea for pictures of my characters etc.

Spending more time with your granddaughter must be so rewarding, especially at the stage she is now. Great fun too!

Lizzie Lamb said...

Super blog post 😊 We travelled to North Berwick from Edinburgh last year because we always wanted to see the bass rock. We had a lovely time and I've never seen so many T-shops in one small town (!) Heading for Edinburgh on Tuesday for another Scottish Odyssey . (Can't get enough)

Julia Thorley said...

It's good to get out and about when the weather permits - and sometimes even when it doesn't. I like the inspiration board idea and shall try to find a space for one.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

I remember that you prefer spring, Teresa! Glad you like the board. Yes, she is loving school so far.

Thanks, Joan - we'll definitely be going back there. A character board is a good idea too!

Glad you've been out there, Lizzie! I can imagine the draw back to Scotland. We'll need to meet up in Edinburgh sometime, if it fits in with the school run.

We always like to get out and about at the weekend, Julia. Hope you get your board started.

Carolb said...

Looks wonderful Rosemary, and I'm sure there's still a lot to discover. And no doubt it will prove inspirational.

I work better in the autumn/winter too.

No doubt your grand-daughter is pleased to see more of you.x

Patsy said...

Ooooh, I like your board. I have a whiteboard in my office that's supposed to remind me of what I want to achieve and help me focus, but it's just words so visually very dull - I'm going to follow your example and add images and fun.

Joanna said...

Beautiful pictures of North Berwick, Rosemary, and I love your inspiration board - what a brilliant idea. Hooray for autumn! I can't wait to get back to full-time writing and walks in the crisp air. I have a novel and a novella still to get properly underway, neglected all summer. Wishing you all the very best with yours xxx

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks, Carol - yes, I think it's a mutual pleasure thing with granddaughter and me and I'm a good playmate!

Show us a photo when it's ready, Patsy! I'm adding more to mine all the time.

Thank you, Joanna. I knew you would feel the same about autumn! Wishing you great success with your projects.

Wendy's Writing said...

So glad you've settled into your new home, Rosemary x

Rae Cowie said...

Your pleasure in your new surroundings leaps off the blog page, Rosemary. Looking forward to catching up next weekend. : )

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks, Wendy!

So pleased you're going to the conference, Rae - see you there!