Monday, 30 October 2017

The Story of a Cover (and Special Offer)

We've all heard it many a time in the world of indie publishing: the cover art is very important and we must leave it to the professionals or at least get it right!

I love doing my own covers where possible and can spend hours enjoying finding the right photograph of my own or sourcing a suitable one elsewhere. However, I've never had such difficulty with one as I did with my latest Victorian novella: Pride and Progress.

Part of the problem was my usual impatience to get it done and dusted, both the writing and the cover. But I forgot one simple, important lesson I learned from my Crooked Cat publisher (among others): the cover should only reflect the genre and period (if relevant) and not the whole story.

So, I first tried to incorporate a steam train into a Victorian looking background, as well as a Victorian lady. Some of you were kind enough to tell me you liked it, but I was never completely comfortable with it, especially trying to add that train in such a way.

Then I decided to change all my books to my full name which meant historicals were no longer under Romy - why did I not decide that before publishing the novella?! And so I tried another version of the cover, without the train this time. But again, I instinctively knew it wasn't good enough, and I preferred the original.

Finally, I did what I should have done before now and took a small subscription to one of the best photo image sites where I have much better choice if I don't have an image of my own. And it was third time lucky, as far as I'm concerned. No train, no Victorian image that had to be incorporated into the scene. I took note of the kind of covers being published now on historical novels and I really like the girl with cameo brooch.

Rather than leave it in its original state, I played around with it until happy with the portrayal of my heroine, Emily, in the hope it gives the impression of a romantic novella about a young Victorian woman. Although the steam train plays a big part in the story, it's basically a romance and thus is aimed at that readership.

Hopefully, I'll be more patient in future until I get it right first time!


P.S. I've now put Pride and Progress on an Amazon Countdown at 99p (99c) to run from Saturday 4th November until Wednesday 8th!


Julia Thorley said...

The choice of cover image is so important. I've never thought about but yes: genre is what we need to put over, not the entire plot. Something to remember, thank you.

Teresa Ashby said...

It is a beautiful cover, Rosemary.

Maria said...

You have done a lovely job.
I haven't ever had to choose a cover but I know several people who have spent an awful lot of time and money.

I agree getting the genre right on the cover is a must...and very difficult in some cases.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks for your comment, Julia - it's all a learning curve!

Thanks, Teresa, for your reassurance!

Thank you, Maria - it's a necessary but enjoyable part of the process and I'd hate to pay the amounts some authors do for covers!

Rae Cowie said...

What a wonderfully romantic cover, Rosemary. Definitely worth all your hard work. : )

Patsy said...

It looks great, Rosemary.

Joanna said...

This was so interesting, Rosemary, and I like all these covers, but can see how well the final one suits the novel, and how it stands out for all the right reasons. It's stunning and well worth the hard work you've put in. xxx

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Many thanks, Rae!

Thanks, Patsy!

Thanks so much for that, Joanna - it doesn't help that I enjoy doing this and tend to keep changing my mind!

Wendy's Writing said...

It’s a beautiful cover, Rosemary. Was the image from Shutterstock?

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks, Wendy - yes, it was!

Deepak Yadav said...

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