Sunday, 4 February 2018

A Fleeting Touch of Spring

Apologies for not updating the blog since Burns Night! I seem to be having trouble remembering it as I'm pushing ahead with lots of writing projects at the moment, trying to keep to some kind of order instead of flitting about from one to the other without finishing any of them. So far, it's working... then I add another opportunity to the mix and get sidetracked again.

The weather has been so bad this year that we've not been out and about as much as usual, especially after being unwell for so long. Today, however, there was even a touch of spring in the air, if you ignored the chilly dampness and concentrated on the fleeting sun. We had a delicious lunch out then a very pleasant walk by Linlithgow loch, where the birds, ducks, swans and even a couple of geese were all enjoying themselves in the freezing water.

I warned husband not to get too excited about the sun since we're evidently due more snow and ice for the first part of this week - it's even trying my love of winter a bit far this year! At least I can get on with the writing in between and tick a few more items off the list I've made at last.

Here's an opportunity from Harlequin for anyone writing romance that stays outside the bedroom door but you'll need to be quick as you can only submit the first chapter between 1st and 14th February. At least we're promised feedback within a week of the closing date, so it's worth a go if it's the kind of thing you write.



Julia Thorley said...

We ventured out for a little walk today, too, but my goodness it's cold! Thanks for the Harlequin link: 'romance that stays outside the bedroom door'. Aw, shucks!

Carolb said...

Some lovely signs of spring with those images Rosemary, and a useful link for some.

Joanna said...

So good to know you're out and about again, Rosemary, and I love the spring feel in these pictures. Wishing you lots of successful writing time during the snow - perhaps this next cold spell will prove to be winter's swan song xxx

Rae Cowie said...

Lovely to read that your writing projects are going well, Rosemary. This wintry weather has some benefits! : )

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Think it's bad everywhere, Julia!

Thanks, Carol.

Many thanks, Joanna - hope you're getting about too!

Thanks, Rae - yes, it's good for writing!