Wednesday, 28 March 2018

SAW Weekend Writers Conference

Once again, I had a fabulous time at the annual Scottish Association of Writers weekend conference. It helps that it is held in a lovely hotel where the food is plentiful, including the cute little glasses of juice along with the tea, coffee, cakes and pastries at the mid morning and afternoon breaks!

In addition to meeting up with old friends and new from all over Scotland, the speakers and workshops provided much inspiration for all aspects and genres of writing. The highlight of the weekend had to the after-dinner talk from the amazing Simon Brett who had us all in absolute stitches. He's also the acclaimed author of around 100 books and delivered an interesting workshop in the afternoon!

I only entered one of the various competitions this year and was delighted to take home a Highly Commended certificate for my article, Frankenstein and the Modern Prometheus, in the General Article Competition. I had been keen to write this piece and hoped for written feedback (which is given to all entrants) so this was a bonus.

As well as meeting up with some old friends from my previous writing group, I was especially pleased that my dear friend Catriona came along for the first time now that she's writing fiction. It's such a friendly conference that everyone is soon part of the SAW family. Roll on next year!



Anonymous said...

It really was a fab weekend Rosemary, thanks to you - and your lovely daughter
- putting this novice at ease! I learned so much and met such lovely people. Onwards and upwards! Love Catriona XO

Joanna said...

This sounds like a fantastic weekend, Rosemary, and many congratulations for your Highly Commended - such a fascinating title xxx

Rosemary Gemmell said...

So pleased you enjoyed it, Catriona, and hope it's the first of many!

Thanks, Joanna - it's a book that has long fascinated me with its relevance to modern life!

Julia Thorley said...

Writing conferences can be such a boost, and it sounds as though this one was no exception. Glad you had a good time.

Wendy's Writing said...

Lucky you. I’m jealous.

Carolb said...

Sounds a fabulous weekend, lucky you.

Simon Brett is very good, and entertaining.

Rae Cowie said...

Sounds a wonderful weekend, Rosemary. Hope to make it one day!

Pauline L Perez said...

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