Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Computer Problems

For the past few months I've been having computer problems - not what a writer with loads of work and hundreds of photographs wants to deal with! The worst of it is, the desktop computer itself is under a year old though fortunately still under guarantee.

After the ongoing saga of a new motherboard and several hours on the phone while Microsoft tried and eventually managed to fix the subsequent Windows problem (phone call at their expense), it broke down again.

Today, after the company where we bought it intervened, we've been told it will be taken back and our money refunded. Hurrah! Although I'm currently using husband's old reconditioned laptop, I need to decide on a new one for myself to keep this laptop as a back-up.

So... do you have any suggestions as to what make of computer you're happy with, whether desktop or laptop? I realise we might have been unlucky with this new one but I'll be more careful what we buy this time.

Any advice will be gratefully received, even if we end up with something completely different!


P.S I'm purposely not naming supplier or computer make on here, except to say it's not a Mac.


Frances Garrood said...

I have a newish Lenovo, recommended by geeky son. It's heap and straightforward and I love it. It gives me much less trouble than the Apple gives my husband. My sympathy for your problems. It's sooooo frustrating, isn't it?

Rae Cowie said...

I have a MAC Rosemary, which has been very reliable and easy to use.

Helen Pollard said...

So frustrating for you! I HATE having computer issues! I prefer to use a PC for posture purposes, but ours is old now so can't recommend what is good out there right now. Laptop-wise, I had a HP which was rubbish and we eventually binned, although my daughter likes hers. Our most recent purchase (last autumn)was a Dell Inspiron 13 and it is very good. It also has a multi-hinge so it can act in a tablet-way if preferred, which my husband likes. Good luck!!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks for commenting, Frances - unfortunately we have very mixed experience with Lenovo!

I've heard lots of writers say that about the MAC, Rae, but trying not to change that radically!

Thanks for that, Helen - it is very frustrating. We've also had mixed experience with HP in the past so it's not going to be an easy decision!