Thursday, 5 July 2018

Summer Seas in Scotland

Although I'm not a summer person and have to endure the heat (worse this year than usual in Scotland!), I absolutely love the water whether swimming in it, paddling in the waves, sitting and contemplating its beauty, or walking around a loch. Since we've not been able to go far this past month or so, I've been looking at some of the photos I've taken in various parts of Scotland so I'll share a few here in case you haven't been to a coast or beach yet!

Look out for the new occasional feature I'm going to start on the blog soon where I'll be introducing a writer now and then, from debut novelists, to writers of shorter work, or someone well published but new to my blog.

Hope you're not too warm where you are.


P.S. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my previous post - my husband was so touched.


Joanna said...

Truly beautiful pictures, Rosemary. I wish I could step into those cool waters right now! I'm far too hot! I hope you're keeping as cool as possible and am looking forward to your future posts introducing new writers. Have a lovely hopefully-less-bakingly hot weekend! xxx

Patsy said...

Lovely pictures! You've made me look forward to our next trip up to Scotland (in August) even more than I was already.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks for the kind comment, Joanna - hope you're keeping cool!

Where are you off to this time, Patsy?

susanjanejones said...

Beautiful, thank you. Do I recognise Malaig and Loch Lomond? Thanks for sharing. I can almost smell the heather and taste the smoked herrings, smokies.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks for the lovely comment, Suzy. Yes, Loch Lomond is there but not Mallaig this time (although I can see why you thought so!) - the boast are at Anstruther on the Fife coast.