Saturday, 25 August 2018

Catching Up

I'm always full of good intentions about keeping the blog updated then soon fall behind again! Last weekend, I was really pleased to get the chance to meet up with online blogging and writing friend Patsy Davies and her husband Gary. My other half and I enjoyed coffee, cake and a natter at Linlithgow with them before they went off to explore this historic town where Mary Queen of Scots was born.

Linlithgow Palace from the Loch

During the week, I was at the Society of Authors in Scotland AGM and lunch in Edinburgh where it was great to catch up with many writing colleagues and hear what's happening in the society as a whole. The SoA works hard behind the scenes for authors and they'd even sent a young representative from London to update us with recent events.

Book Festival at Charlotte Square

Today, I was back at Edinburgh, at the International Book Festival, meeting up with some colleagues from Edinburgh Writers' Club for an informal get together at lunch time. The festival is a hugely popular event and, unfortunately, the spiegeltent was being used for talks so we had to find any space at all to grab a snack lunch. Hope we didn't miss too many members who might have been there. At least the sun was shining so the walk to and from Haymarket station was most enjoyable. Love this old church that's now a bar and restaurant called Ghillie Dhu.

Now I really have to knuckle down and try to finish the first draft of my new novel over the next few weeks, when I stop procrastinating!



Frances Garrood said...

Nice to see you and Patsy together, Rosemary. With cake (of course). I think we writer-bloggers are all procrastinating...

Joanna said...

A fabulous post, Rosemary. It's always so interesting to hear what you've been doing and see all the beautiful places you've travelled to. I have lovely memories of visiting Linlithgow many years ago on a school trip. Wishing you lots of success with finishing your first draft xxx

Carolb said...

Lovely to see the picture of the meet-up with Patsy and Gary.

You seem to have had a busy time recently, but I'm sure it will have been beneficial. :-)

Anonymous said...
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Rosemary Gemmell said...

Definitely, Frances!

Many thanks for your kind comment, Joanna - I still need to stop procrastinating!

I do love being busy, Carol - it's boredom that finishes me off!

Wendy's Writing said...

How lovely to meet up with Patsy. It seems ages since I saw either of you x

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