Wednesday, 21 November 2018

November Outings

We had such a beautiful dry and sunny weekend up here last Saturday and Sunday that we took the chance to get out and about. Exactly the kind of autumn I love!

We often drive across to the Fife coast, as we're nearer the Queensferry Crossing now, and had coffee in our favourite café by the beach at Aberdour then a walk along part of the Fife coast. Such lovely, peaceful views and a great way to feel energised at this time of year.

On the Sunday, we took the train to Edinburgh as the German Christmas Market and rides had just opened in Princes Street Gardens and we wanted to have a look before it gets too busy! They were also switching the lights on in George Street that afternoon, accompanied by choirs and so on but we didn't wait for that.

Instead, we walked along to our favourite French restaurant for lunch then walked right along to Haymarket for the train home. I have a feeling it's just going to get busier and busier as we get nearer to Christmas but we hope to go back with our Granddaughter to enjoy some of the rides (I need someone to go on them with me!).

I meet up with my friend regularly in Glasgow and the last time we had lunch there, a couple of weeks ago, we tried yet another of the many great restaurants in the city. I had long admired The Corinthian from the outside so we treated ourselves to lunch and were not disappointed. Thankfully, the food and service lived up to the surroundings and the price was comparable with several other places we've been. We'll be back!

December is going to be even busier in some ways, with two big writerly lunches and a book fair to look forward to, not to mention lunches with friends, but more of that in another post. Just as well I can write on the train and in cafes or I'd be even further behind with my novels.

Hope you're enjoying the relatively mild autumn before it gets more wintry.


Julia Thorley said...

Lovely pics, as always. I went to my first Christmas market of the season on Saturday and bought far more than I'd intended to - and ordered a bespoke bird table. Funny how you get caught up in the moment!

Carolb said...

Lovely places to have time out in. :)

Enjoy all your upcoming celebrations.x

Teresa Ashby said...

Sounds wonderful, Rosemary. The view in the top picture is beautiful xx

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thank you, Julia. I know what you mean - I'm looking forward to the gorgeous one at Hopetoun House early December and will have to be careful what I buy!

Thanks, Carol - I do love this time of year!

Thanks, Teresa - I never tire of being at the coast!

Patsy said...

The Fife coast is lovely. We went on some nice walks there on our last trip.

Joanna said...

This sounds absolutely wonderful, Rosemary, and your pictures are stunning. I love German Christmas markets! xxx

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Yes, it's a good area for walks, Patsy.

Many thanks, Joanna!