Sunday, 15 March 2020

Free Books

As the world tries to cope with the increasing Coronavirus pandemic, more people will find themselves in self-isolation or lockdown. One of the pleasures I’ve most enjoyed through any kind of crisis or concern is reading – escaping into the pages of someone else’s (fictional) life.

I’m fortunate enough to be a writer who works from home, although I love going out. My husband also has no need to leave the house if the worst happens. We have enough food to last a while, I can bake and cook, and we have a supermarket within walking distance as well as family nearby.

Some, however, will lose jobs and income and it might take many companies a long time to recover. There is little we can do, apart from continue to support food banks if possible and to avoid panic bulk-buying.

In light of all this, I’ve decided to offer some of my e-books FREE over the coming few weeks. I’m only allowed to do this for a limited time on Amazon, so I thought it best to stagger the giveaways. The schedule is included below so you can look out for any you might like – or to mention to your friends. It’s a small enough gesture and my apologies if you have read them all but at least it’s something I can do to spread the pleasure and escapism of reading.

Schedule for Free Books

March 16-20th inclusive

Dangerous Deceit: Full length Regency Novel
Beneath the Treetops: Short Story Collection
Venetian Interlude: Contemporary Novella

March 22-26th inclusive

The Highland Lass: Full Length Dual-timeline Scottish Novel
Summer of the Eagles: Tween Book
Scotland People and Places: Non-fiction Articles

March 27-31st inclusive

Mischief at Mulberry Manor: Victorian Gothic Mystery
End of the Road: Short Story Collection
The Aphrodite Assignment: Contemporary/mythological Novella

You can find them all on my Amazon Author Page if you want to read the blurbs.

Take care over the next few months,


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