Saturday 13 June 2020

All Change...

After too many years of posting here to recall, I've decided to stop updating this blog. I've been very neglectful of it for the past couple of years and feel guilty whenever I remember! So this seems an ideal time to take stock of all my social media and writing tasks and make any changes.

Rather than delete it, I shall leave it here in case anyone ever visits older posts, or wants to check out some of the other blogs mentioned at the side, plus it still has my books on it. Blogger is about to change its format in some way, so it's another reason to make the change now.

However, I'll still be writing blog posts now and then but they'll be on my new website which means everything is in the one place. I'll also be on other social media platforms and will no doubt see many of you in various places. Thanks so much for all the encouragement and support readers have given me over the years. Please do keep in touch by other means!

Website (including blog)



Patsy said...

I can understand you deciding to stop updating this blog. It takes time and effort to keep them going and often that time and effort could be better used on other things.

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