Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas Spirit

We went for a lovely walk in the grounds of my favourite Georgian country house yesterday and imagine my delight when we discovered two of the beautiful Clydesdale horses were decked out to pull a little Christmas trolley along for children and their parents. I'm a sucker for anything like this but restrained myself to taking a few photos!

Inside the house, children were queueing up to visit Mrs Claus in one of the gracious rooms upstairs, which was suitably decorated in Christmas finery. We went instead to the lower floor for a browse through the Christmas gifts on sale. How much more enjoyable than busy shopping malls, when I could buy a few items in the converted old kitchen that still sported an authentic Victorian cooking range.

I came back refreshed and ready to get on with the rest of the novella and the final tweaks of some critiques I'm doing for the writing group tomorrow. It's our Christmas party, so the festive spirit is well and truly under way!



Teresa Ashby said...

Absolutely lovely Rosemary!
Hope you have a great time at your Christmas party :-)

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks, Teresa!

Carolb said...

That looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing the photos.
Enjoy the party tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

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Joanna said...

How gorgeous, Rosemary. That's my kind of day out and also my kind of Christmas shopping. I love the horses and it's a beautiful photograph of them.
Enjoy the party tomorrow too. x

Wendy's Writing said...

How lovely -it all looks so Christmassy.

Teresa Ashby said...

There's an award over on my blog for you, Rosemary - if you would like it :-) x

Patsy said...

I'm not at all keen on Christmas shopping but your version of it sounds OK.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks, Carol!

Many thanks, Joanna - it beats shopping at the mall!

Thank you, Wendy!

That's lovely - thank you, Teresa!

Much better, Patsy!

Vikki said...

Love the picture of the horses! Can imagine your visit here would have put you in the mood to get on with the rest of the novella