Friday, 13 September 2013

Slow Down Challenge

After working very hard yesterday, completely redrafting the mainstream novel I'm now sending out to seek an agent, I needed a change of focus. Right on time, I received a new post from Jeff Goins, who I follow online. He mentioned his new challenge, Slow Down, which was partly inspired after the birth of his first baby and his pleasure in being a father.

I'm a great believer in taking time to enjoy the beauty and nature around us but this is a focused challenge over five days, although I dare say they don't have to be consecutive days. So in between the next lot of work, I'm aiming to follow Jeff's challenge - even ten minutes a day will take the focus away from the computer and social media. I'm sure the body and mind will thank me for it!

You can check out the Slow Down Challenge if you want to take part. The illustration above is from the first day's challenge and there are suggestions of how to take time to notice those 'other things' on Jeff's post.

Have a relaxing weekend,


Patsy said...

I'm already pretty good at taking things slowly!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

A good trait, Patsy!

Janice Horton said...

Hi Rosemary - I've just enjoyed taking the time to catch up with your last few posts and your lovely photos. The cruise ship looked so stylish and your ports of call amazing. Having taken my first cruise this year (The Med - for our 30th wedding anniversary) I am now a cruising convert. Although, it was the first time I ever came back off holiday exhausted - as there was so much to do and the nights were always late (dining, going to shows, bars, discos etc!) and then the mornings early, as it was so exciting to be somewhere new each day!

Happy taking things slowly - sounds lovely.

Janice xx

Wendy's Writing said...

With Bonnie to walk, I have enforced time out in the countryside everyday. Sometimes I have the opposite problem... where's the 'speed up' challenge?

Joanna said...

This looks like a good idea, Rosemary. I think I need step back more than I do, but find it hard to make myself do it! I shall give it a really determined try. x

Anne Gallagher said...

After my writing and publishing frenzy last year, I really had no option other than to slow down. I took 6 months off from writing and re-evaluated my life.

There is certainly something to be said for just taking it easy -- one day at a time.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Hi Janice - thanks for your lovely comment. Glad you loved cruising too!

Yes - I can understand that, Wendy!

It's difficult to take out sometimes just to watch the world, Joanna - but lovely when we do!

That was a very good idea, Anne - we all need that space to re-evaluate.

Vikki said...

Sounds like a good plan - I've signed up for the challenge