Saturday, 23 November 2013

Hair cut, Trailer and Interview


Had to get my hair cut yesterday, which I detest doing as I never like it when just cut, no matter who does it! So I treated myself to posh coffee and cake while in Glasgow at a café in the beautiful Princes Square. Looking very festive at the moment.
You might remember the Exquisite Quills collection of winter-themed holiday stories I mentioned before - it's still FREE to download in all e-formats from Smashwords. One of the authors, Kaye, made this lovely little trailer for it.

Meanwhile, I'm chatting over on the Exquisite Quills blog today - if anyone has time to drop by!
Have a good weekend,


Teresa Ashby said...

The coffee and cake sounds wonderful and the surroundings beautiful and cheery!
I've just been to see you at Exquisite Quills :-) x

joanne fox said...

Princes Square looks so pretty! Popping over to Exquisite Quills next... x

Jean Bull said...

Wow, looks like Christmas on a cruise ship!!!
Going to have a look at Exquisite Quills now:)

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thank you, Teresa!

Many thanks, Joanne!

Thanks, Jean!

Joanna said...

Princes Square looks very pretty and festive, Rosemary. Coffee and cake there sounds perfect. I'm off to Exquisite Quills right now. x