Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Why do we Write?

I came across this interesting article a while ago, which is more accurately titled, Why Women Write? It makes interesting reading and I'm sure we'll all find a similar reason to our own in the responses.

The immediate question that struck me, however, was why should there be any difference between why women write and why men do? Or perhaps the article was only aimed that way because it's a site about women and books. I won't get into the whole male-female writing debate as it's been done to death. Mslexia magazine, which is aimed completely at women writers, is still alive and well and often carries comparisons between the genders.

My own reason for writing is multi-faceted: to express my thoughts creatively; to write out the stories and characters inside my head; to entertain and inform; to earn money where possible instead of going out to work!

No doubt you all have reasons of your own for this enjoyable, exciting, frustrating and creative activity.

I've been interviewed again and only discovered it last night, on Authors Interviews. Relentless online promotion when anew book comes out and people can't find it by wandering into a shop!



Wendy's Writing said...

I was going to tell you the reasons why I write and then realised that they were the same as yours! I'll just add one more and that is: as a former English teacher(primary)being published has proved that I am not just someone who talks about writing but someone who can do it too.

Patsy said...

I write for much the same reasons as you, too.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

That's a very good reason - thanks, Wendy!

I expect most of us do, Patsy - thanks for commenting!