Tuesday, 22 September 2015

End of Summer

I'm usually quite excited about the start of autumn, my favourite season, as it's a great time to get organised and look forward to a more productive writing time. This year, I seem to be taking longer to get into gear and have been gallivanting again instead of getting fully into the current project. However, the weather is bound to get steadily worse up here so it's probably best to get out and about whenever it's dry.

Last week was Doors Open weekend in Inverclyde and husband and I took the chance to visit the old Fire Station. Now a heritage centre, it has everything we need to know about the history of the fire service in the west of Scotland. A brilliant morning! While I was most interested in anything from the Victorian times, husband thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. The man who generously shared information with us couldn't have been more knowledgeable and we both aim to have another visit at some time. The photos, fire engines and displays are excellent resource material.

This weekend, we took advantage of a lovely dry, breezy day to visit Largs, one of our favourite spots on the coast. We park at one end so we can walk right along the prom beside the sea and usually end up in Nardini's for morning coffee. This is the famous Art Deco building which has some of the best ice cream around, although I give that a miss these days! Largs is also where the little ferry sails the short distance across to the isle of Cumbrae - more usually called Millport, the name of its small town. That's the island that inspired my tween book, Summer of the Eagles.

As the nights draw in, I'm loving all the new programmes and drama on TV, especially the BBC literary adaptations. I've enjoyed each of them so far and look forward to Cider with Rosie next weekend. Now I just have to find some enthusiasm for my own writing projects!

* I'm delighted that my daughter, Victoria, is having the launch of her first YA novel, Follow Me, on Friday 9th October at Waterstones in Glasgow! Can't wait to celebrate this moment with her and I'll be interviewing Victoria here in October.



Teresa Ashby said...

I love those old fire engines. And Largs sounds a lovely place for a walk and a coffee.

I'm not a fan of this time of year - unlike my family who all love it!

It's lovely to hear of your daughter's special day in October. That is something to look forward to :-) xx

Jean Bull said...

I don't blame you gallivanting around at this time of the year; autumn is such a beautiful season. It all sounds so interesting, I've been to many places, but never Scotland!

Patsy said...

It makes sense to make the most of any good weather at this time of year - it might be the last for quite a while.

Mary Smith said...

Goodness, Rosemary, what remarkable willpower to turn down a Nardini's ice cream! I'm impressed. I think, as others have said, we need to make the most of the good weather - better than it was all through summer.
Great news about Vikki's book launch.

Joanna said...

Definitely a good idea to go out and about while the weather lasts, Rosemary. There will be plenty of wintry weather to come, I'm sure. I love the old fire engines, and what a beautiful spot by the coast. It sounds like an idyllic walk.

I'm so excited for Vikki - my daughters and I are all looking forward very much to reading Follow Me. xxx

Nicola said...

I love Autumn. Especially watching the scenery change. The golden glow of the trees, the smells of damp earth and evening log fires wafting through the air. A wonderful time of the year.

I'm thrilled to hear Victoria's news! You must all be so excited. Wishing her a fantastic book-launch and signing. Many congratulations!!Can't wait for the interview.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks, Teresa - I'll be a proud mum that evening. I remember you're not so keen on the colder weather!

Oh, you must have a visit up to Scotland at least once, Jean!

Absolutely, Patsy.

Fortunately, I'm not so keen on ice cream, Mary - can only eat it in very small portions! You can imagine how much Vikki is looking forward to the launch.

Thanks, Joanna - you'll understand Victoria's excitement!

Thanks, Nicola - I'll pass on your good wishes. Yes, I love autumn too for several reasons - as long as it doesn't rain all the time up here!

Vikki said...

Thank you all for your lovely congratulation messages! I'm very excited about my launch and feel very lucky to have such a supportive Mum who has encouraged me every step of the way with my writing

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Aw, that's kind, Victoria - thank you! But the talent is all yours.

Julia Thorley said...

I've not been out in the countryside today, but I did take a stroll through the town in the lovely autumn sun. The hare krsna folk were out in force singing their little hearts out, banging their drums and shaking their bells, which I thought sounded lovely. Unlike the chap I overheard moaning about 'the bloody weirdos blocking the pavement with their nonsense'. Peace and blessings!

Carolb said...

Always a good idea to get out while it's good weather and long days. Looks like you've had some interesting visits, Rosemary. Thank you for sharing them.

Now we're in autumn and it will get darker soon, so making the most of the time is important. So many museums reduce their opening hours from October.

Wendy's Writing said...

I love autumn - it seems so much easier to write then than in summer and the weather is often at its best (in the South anyway!) for making those last visits. The very best of luck to Vikki.