Friday, 2 October 2015

Signs of Autumn

It's definitely into my favourite season now, although we've had glorious sunshine here for the past few days, once the thick morning fog cleared. I can't believe how long it is since I updated the blog - still too many days gadding out and about and enjoying coffees, lunches and a particularly enjoyable clothes shopping trip with my friend. There was as much chatting, drinking and eating as there was trying on clothes and the day passed so quickly we ended up driving home in the rush hour traffic!

I've been enjoying the typical signs of autumn in the hedgerows and at the coast with rose hips and brambles and I don't mind the darker nights when the TV has been so good at last. Between the lovely BBC productions of An Inspector Calls, The Go Between and Cider with Rosie, we've been quite spoiled. I also enjoy Downton Abbey and have been watching the new Scandi crime drama, Beck, on BBC 4 on Saturday evenings, as well as the creepy ITV drama, Midwinter of the Spirit (love that title), and Doctor Foster on BBC. You can tell I love drama!

On the writing front, I've been featured on two different blogs with two different books yesterday and today - quite coincidentally as yesterday's should have been last week. The first is on Thursday Throng with Summer of the Eagles and today I'm on Cynthia Woolf's blog, where I'm talking about the background to The Highland Lass.

Next week, I'm speaking at a local writing group so need to finish preparing that, and I'm looking forward to interviewing daughter Victoria before the launch of Follow Me!

Enjoy your weekend,


Patsy said...

We've had lovely autumnal weather here today and the first leaves are just beginning to colour.

Carolb said...

It's good to enjoy the last hints of summer, and the start of autumn. The first branch on our hawthorn now has yellow leaves, and the redcurrant hasn't a green leaf left.

I'm sure all your days out will have provided inspiration for winter writing once the days get shorter. :-)

Maria said...

I love Autumn! Lovely to read about your day out. Sounds like you and your friend had lots of fun. I'm hoping to get out and about this weekend. I want to see the trees!
Have a good weekend. :-)


I always loved Autumn in Scotland but not winter. I must admit to hating the cold - although as I write this the heat is almost unbearable! I'm in the Caribbean - on an island close to Honduras for the next few weeks and then I will briefly be back in Scotland - unfortunately not long enough to catch up with lovely friends again - before flying off to Asia for the winter in search of sunshine and new adventures. But I did love the change of seasons in Scotland and Autumn, with brambles and wood smoke in the air, was such as special time that I will never forget.
Janice xx

Joanna said...

We have just had a delivery of hay for the ponies and its fragrance, along with the trees all around the field changing colour and the sound of the conkers falling, remind me that autumn is my favourite time of year. Looking forward to your interview with Vikki. xxx

Nicola said...

You have been busy! I popped over to read your blog visits. Thoroughly enjoyed reading them both. I bet you and Victoria are excited about the upcoming launch of Follow Me! Can't wait to read all about it. Wishing you a lovely weekend and many more glorious Autumnal days.

Julia Thorley said...

I love autumn, too, perhaps because I have an October birthday.

Jean Bull said...

I love autumn too. Today I saw piles of pumpkins for sale by the roadside. If I bought one, I wonder if it will last until the 31st??

Joan Fleming said...

My favourite season of the year, Rosemary.

Wendy's Writing said...

Like you, I love autumn - the crisp mornings, the blackberries for my pies and the urge to write that comes with the cooler days.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

I was sure I had responded to some of these comments - sorry! I do appreciate it when you take time to interact.

The colours are even more beautiful around here now, Patsy - they change so quickly at this time!

You're quite right about days out providing inspiration at times, Carol!

Hope you enjoyed a few days out, Maria!

Thanks for taking time to drop in, Janice - your travel adventures leave me breathless at times!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Hay for the ponies sounds so lovely and rural, Joanna - your countryside must be amazing at this time of year!

Many thanks for reading those posts, Nicola - kind of you!

Me too, Julia - and I've always thought that may be why I like this month so much!

Did you buy a pumpkin, Jean? it was always the large turnips we looked out for before the arrival of pumpkins to Britain!

It's a lovely time, isn't it, Joan?

You've summed up some of the things I love about it too, Wendy!