Thursday, 15 October 2015

Writing Talks and Libraries

I’ve been very remiss updating the blog again this week, after Victoria’s very successful, fabulous launch, and I haven’t even written that much but I’ve enjoyed the break from a busy time last week. I’ll let her write about the launch in her own time and on her own blog or elsewhere, but it couldn’t have gone better! Glad I managed to get a photo with my daughter.

As well as the launch, I was speaking at a writing group one evening on markets and marketing so had to prepare for that – which I absolutely enjoy. The group has lots of keen new members and it was great to share information with them in the hope of encouraging them to send out their work when ready. Now, I’m adjudicating their short story competition over the next few weeks so that will keep me out of mischief.

I also had a visit to the librarian in a nearby town as they’ve asked me to be involved in Book Week Scotland in late November – delighted to get the opportunity. And that opportunity seemingly partly came about because of a very kind gentleman recommending me to them. I had met him and his wife at another speaking engagement and he told the librarian about me! It also helps that The Highland Lass has a local setting so it should be of interest to readers. Just shows, we never know how one thing can lead to another!

I was amazed at the particular branch library where I’ll be speaking and only wish I lived nearer to one like that. Amazing space with several rooms and lots of computer facilities for learning and research, and they have a great variety of groups using the building. It must be of huge benefit to the local community out in that part of town. Interestingly, they now have fewer reference books in all the libraries because of the Internet. Must admit I still love consulting all the reference books I have at home after years of study, although it’s good to supplement them with online information.

I can share one of piece of good news – Tirgearr Publishing has accepted the third novella in my Aphrodite and Adonis series! The Aphrodite Assignment is a little longer than the other two and will hopefully round up the series nicely for now. I’ll share the other little bits of writing news in a later post, once I have details. Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely autumn sunshine while it lasts.



Frances Garrood said...

Congratulations on the latest publishing deal, Rosemary! I'm so glad Victoria's launch went so well. None of my family write. It must be lovely to share that experience with your daughter.

Joanna said...

Huge congratulations on your publishing news, Rosemary - I'm so pleased for you!
What a gorgeous picture of you and Vikki. You both look so happy and I'm looking forward to hearing all about the launch. I'm so glad it went well. My copy of Follow Me has just arrived and I'm looking forward to reading it very much.
How lovely that you were recommended for Book Week Scotland. It really does show how word of mouth can lead to fantastic, new opportunities.
Good luck with adjudicating the competition and I hope you soon find some more time for own writing as well! xxx

Patsy said...

Congratulations on your latest success!

Those talks sounds interesting.

Teresa Ashby said...

Congratulations to you and Vikki, Rosemary - that's a lovely photo of you both xx


Congratulations Rosemary on the new deal and to Vikki on her fabulous launch! That is such a lovely photo of you both. You sound very busy indeed!
Love, Janice xx

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks, Frances - yes, it's always been great being able to discuss writing with Victoria!

Many thanks for that lovely comment, Joanna, and for getting Victoria's book. You might have a first edition copy which has a couple of typos even after a LOT of proof reading (how do they sneak in - being corrected for the new print run) so hold onto it in case she's ever famous!

Thanks, Patsy - it's good to visit other groups too.

Thank you, Teresa - I was glad we managed to get that one!

Thanks for dropping in, Janice - it was a lovely evening!

Wendy's Writing said...

Great news on the third novella, Rosemary. Enjoy your adjudicating- I'm doing the same thing at the moment and love it.

Nicola said...

So pleased the launch went well for Victoria.

Talking of libraries - I was astonished and rather annoyed when I approached the school library where I used to teach. I was offering a box filled with nearly new books for 12+ readers and was told, "No, we don't take any more books because the secondary school kids aren't interested in reading!" I was gob-smacked and couldn't speak for at least an hour. The school is obviously doing something wrong. I hope UK schools aren't heading down the same route.

Congratulations for your great news, Rosemary! That is fantastic!

Maria said...

Congratulations on the novella publication Rosemary...and don't you and your daughter look alike? Lovely capture of the two of you.
How proud you must feel that she is following in your foot steps as a writer. I wish her much success and must check out her book and blog.

Carolb said...

Congratulations on all the wonderful news, Rosemary.

Lovely to see the photo of you and your daughter together, as Maria said, you do look alike.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks Wendy - glad you're enjoying yours too!

Many thanks Nicola! That's an appalling thing to happen at the library.

Thank you Maria - it's lovely we can support each other' creativity.

Thanks Carol - that's kind of you!

Jean Bull said...

What excitement in the Gemmell family! Congratulations to you both!

Gosh, proving you're not a robot has got quite hard. I had to look at three different sets of photos before I could make out what was in them!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks, Jean! I know - it's a nuisance having to have that security barrier yet the blog would be full of spam without it.