Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Reading and Writing

I'm a bit behind with the blog this week although I've still been checking FB and Twitter regularly and I must admit I'm enjoying Instagram now and then as I love photos. I've also been catching up on various things at home - at the moment I'm clearing out another lot of drawers and trying to get writing notes organised (again!). 

At the end of the week, I'm speaking at a writing group so I'm enjoying preparing for that, especially so I could legitimately sit and read all the stories in recent copies of Take a Break Fiction Feast, Woman's Weekly Fiction Special and The People's Friend Special. Although I've long known the different types of stories they publish, it's a while since I've read these magazines right the way through. A fascinating and very enjoyable exercise, since many of the writers are lovely blogging friends. I even finished writing a short story of my own that I'd started ages ago!

It convinced me again how important it is to read as much as possible - not only for enjoyment but for inspiration and a little more understanding of what editors of magazines or publishers of books are accepting. As for books, I always have two on the go at a time - one on kindle for reading in bed and a paperback for reading downstairs, usually two different genres!

In my clearing out, I came across this interesting Idea to Release Writing. I hadn't taken note of where it originated so you may have come across it before. 

'Explore using your non-dominant hand for writing practice as it stimulates and strengthens the creative right brain hemisphere, freeing untapped fluency.' 

And here's a quote from American Brain Specialist Leonard Shlain:

'The right hemisphere is the realm of altered states of consciousness where faith and mystery rule over logic. It allows for spirituality, for musing, dreaming, imagining. Without it we would have no poetry.'

I love that quote! Happy writing.


Teresa Ashby said...

Good luck with your talk at the end of the week, Rosemary.
Since I've been reading my Kindle in bed, I'd never want to go back to a paperback - it's so much easier on the wrists and hands, especially if it's a big book!
I love the quotes. I am going to try writing with my left hand right now. It's something I used to do a lot in the past and I don't know why I stopped.
Lovely Post :-) xx

Kate Blackadder said...

What nice 'homework' for you, Rosemary!

Mary Smith said...

I don't know where the idea of writing with your non-dominant hand originated but Sheila Templeton had the Dumfries Writers trying it during a workshop. She says she finds it useful when she's stuck on a poem. I was surprised at how different the content of my writing was when I tried it. Nice post.

joanne fox said...

There always feel something rather luxurious about sitting down with a pile of magazines. Especially if there is chocolate to hand too.

I'm going to try that left hand writing trick tomorrow. A very interesting idea.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks for the lovely comment, Teresa - I feel the same as you about the kindle for bed and for the same reasons! I've still to try the non-dominant hand writing properly myself yet.

It is indeed, Kate!

Good to know that Sheila uses this method of writing at times, Mary - will definitely be using it!

You're so right about the chocolate, Joanne! I think I'll be doing more reading from now on as it's so inspiring. Good luck with the hand writing exercise.

Rae Cowie said...

I must give this a try, Rosemary. Although I suspect I won't be able to decipher much that I write! :-) It sounds as though you've had an enjoyable few days of research. Good luck with the talk. They are in for a wonderful treat. (I speak from experience. :-))

Joanna said...

I'm going to try writing with my left hand again and see what it unleashes. I've had a go before as my youngest daughter is left-handed and it makes her laugh to see me struggle, and it makes me laugh to see her write with her right hand. Neither of us can understand how the other manages!
Wishing you best of luck with your talk, Rosemary, and how lovely to read all those fabulous stories in preparation. I always have several books on the go; an upstairs book, downstairs book, desk book(s), a car book and a handbag book, to name a few! xxx

Unknown said...

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Nicola said...

I also have two books on the go in the same way as you, Rosemary :) Whenever I visit the UK, my first stop is the newsagents in the airport to pick up my copies of all the womags. I'm due for a refresher.

Wishing you lots of fun at the writing group. I used to love preparing and planning for seminars - haven't done one in a while but I just loved communicating face-to-face and getting feedback from the listeners. You can pick up quite a few ideas for new characters too - BONUS!!

Have a lovely week, Rosemary.

Carolb said...

As I'm a left-handed writer that may be an advantage, Rosemary.:-)

I do remember my teacher trying to get me to write with my right-hand when I was about 6; it was extremely frustrating and produced unreadable squiggles. Fortunately she accepted that I needed to use my left-hand to write and let me be.

Julia Thorley said...

That's an interesting theory about using tghe 'wrong' hand. How does that apply when we're typing?

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Oh dear - sorry, I'd forgotten to reply to some more comments until now! Thank you all.

That's so kind of you, Rae - thank you!

Many thanks, Joanna - I'm sure the stories will continue to inspire me for a while!

Thanks for your lovely comment, Nicola - glad you like a couple of books at a time too!

My mother was forced to use her right hand when at school (long ago!) as she was naturally left handed. By the way, I don't think it's any advantage as you have to use your non-dominant hand to try this - so it should work if you use your right hand!

I don't think typing will have the same effect, Julia, although I may be wrong! I do find writing with pen and paper more creative even with my usual hand.

Unknown said...

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