Monday, 28 October 2019

Reading Nostalgia

Although I have over 100 e-books on my kindle and loads of paperbacks still to read, now and then I feel like an old favourite; a comfort read perhaps.

One evening, my glance fell on a smart little hardback edition of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express that I'd bought in a charity shop long ago. It was exactly what I wanted to read as I've always loved her books.

I'm sure there must be few people who have never seen at least one version of the film, even if they haven't read the book, and I was hoping it wouldn't be too familiar to read it again. I needn't have worried. I enjoyed every page, and there was something more satisfying in reading about each clue as Poirot put his famous 'little grey cells' to use.

It was also a good lesson on structure, if read as a writer, but for me it was pure pleasure reading one of the crime queen's most famous novels. It helps if you enjoy fiction set in the golden age of crime, while the setting of course doesn't come much more glamourous than the Orient Express.

I was lucky enough to travel on it some years ago and had no problem imagining I was part of the set for a 1930s mystery. Gorgeously decadent, with delicious food, ornate d├ęcor and a grand piano. I need better photos, so I'm still trying to convince husband we should have another journey and blow the retirement fund! The first photo is on the Pullman coach on the UK part of the journey and the one above is of our Steward on the Venice-Simplon Orient Express.

Incidentally, I remember seeing an updated version of the film on TV a few years back, with David Suchet as Poirot ( my favourite in the role). It was a bit darker than previous versions but it was very close to the book. I must look out for it if it's shown again.

My 'must-read' is usually Jane Eyre, or perhaps Rebecca. I might revisit one of those after I catch up on some new books!

Do you sometimes have a yearning for reading nostalgia, or a favourite book you like to revisit?



Carolb said...

What a fabulous journey that must have been Rosemary.

I don't think I have any comfort reads, maybe I do and haven't realised it yet!

Linda said...

Agatha Christie, du Maurier - and PG Wodehouse!

Jenny Harper said...

I love Agatha Christie - not all of them, but some are really excellent. I listen to them often on audio books - they are extraordinarily soothing! We both love them on TV - so glamorous. I'm jealous of your trip though!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

It was, Carol - and one I really want to repeat!

Ah yes, the first two are favourites of mine too, Linda!

I love the TV adaptations too, Jenny, though I'm not into audio books yet. It's a trip worth taking, even for only part of the way!

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