Monday, 2 March 2020

Learning Adventures

I've always loved learning ever since I was old enough to read and that has never changed through subsequent decades. I even studied as a mature student with the OU right up to a postgraduate Masters in Literature and History many years ago, when my two children were going through their own school and university exams.

These days, much of my learning comes from writing and research, especially since I like trying different forms and genres. In between the novels and novellas, I love to write short stories, articles, poetry and children's fiction. Now I've added drama to the list - a one-off perhaps, but I'll see how it goes and if it comes to anything!

So I do love this colourful poster that sits on the wall near my desk with its affirmation that Every Day is a Beautiful New Adventure. I've propped it above this unusual little plaque given to me by my best friend way back when we were both studying. It states: I am still learning and is attributed to Michelangelo.

Great encouragement to get those words down each day!



Carolb said...

That's a lovely positive message that we all need, Rosemary. Thanks for sharing it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wise words Rosemary! Catriona