Wednesday 13 May 2020

Keeping Busy!

As we head through May, I've found a couple of other ways to keep busy besides writing. I do enjoy sorting out my wardrobe every now and then, much needed because of clothes bought too rashly in sales, those that don't fit properly or suit me any more, and those I can't stand wearing now, having kept them too long. I'd already given lots of good items to the charity shop before lockdown but I still wasn't satisfied when I looked in the wardrobe and couldn't see what to wear (as we do).

Then I read about Courtney Carver and Project 333. I signed up to her website, Be More with Less, and started receiving occasional blog posts and hearing all about her challenge of having a capsule collection of only 33 items for 3 months. It doesn't include underwear or leisure wear (fortunately) but pretty much everything else, including jewellery and bags!

I've loved reading about her own journey to a simpler life and was soon hooked on the idea. So I bought the book, have read it through and am now about three quarters of the way to having that whittled down set of clothes. It's a good time to address things like this in the hope I soon get to wear some of what's left, other than for the house, garden or food shop but I won't be buying any clothes this summer.

The other challenge I've started is the Body Groove on demand funky dance exercise course. I kept seeing it on Facebook and then a free 30-day challenge was on offer so I signed up as I 've always loved to dance as part of my exercise! I'm now on day five and thoroughly enjoying every minute. It's perfect for moving the body without the kind of non-stop exercise that bores me.

This has different styles of movement and dance each day but you can make it your own and take it at a steady pace. Misty is so encouraging too, emailing little life-affirming post most days. Definitely one for appreciating how to move your body and getting fit at the same time. Between this and our daily walk after lunch, it should compensate for sitting at the computer and scoffing the baking!

Writing News

I discovered my little piece was published in the Subscribers' Spotlight pages of Writing Magazine, and I was quoted on Lorraine Mace's last page article! Then I received the new issue of The Highlander magazine this morning with my latest article published inside - and he's accepted another.

Meanwhile, the baking and cooking continue but husband is now keen to learn to make the soups all by himself - not a problem as far as I'm concerned!

Have you started any new challenges?



Rae Cowie said...

What an uplifting post, Rosemary. I'm definitely going to check out the capsule wardrobe and dance moves links you shared. My new hobby to keep moving is Pilates, which I'd always planned on trying but just never made the time ... an excuse I can't use at the moment! Happy dancing!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks so much for commenting, Rae - I had forgotten to share this post anywhere so will now do so! I'm loving Body Groove as I prefer dance type exercise and there's a good mix of styles and funky music. As for the capsule wardrobe - a long-time dream and getting nearer to completion each time I go through everything! Good luck with your own endeavours.

Jenny Harper said...

That's brave Rosemary! I do keep on top of my wardrobe mainly, but there are clothes in there I can't bear to part with even though I'll never wear them again!! I'll take a look at Body Groove though!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks for commenting, Jenny. I've made so many clothes mistakes over the years that it's taking all this time to sort them out and finally get rid of the guilt-ridden buys!

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